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    I'm currently using this guide to rip my ps2 games to my ps3.

    The problem I'm having is that the output files from PS2 Classics GUI are all named the same "ISO.BIN.ENC. ISO.BIN.ENC". If I run the game from my PS3 like this, it works fine, however, if I rename it, Multiman tries to convert it to classic, and it doesn't work anymore. How can I rename the files so that I'll know what PS2 game I'm loading in multiman without messing it up?

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    You're using PS2 Classics GUI right? THe method I'm telling you installs the PS2 Classics game on PS3 XMB (not Multiman XMB)
    After making the ISO.BIN.ENC (and any extra ISO.BIN.ENC extensions added to the name ), find it and rename it to ISO.BIN.ENC but DON't CLOSE the PS2Classics GUI program

    Click Make PKG tab and you can edit the name by clicking "PS2 Classics". IF you want to edit the icon and background, you can do that too. Click MAke PKG on bottom right when you are done editing

    After making the pkg, transfer the pkg file to a USB thumbdrive and install it using "Install Package Files" on PS3 XMB and it appears on XMB like a PSN game (except it's not one)

    Here is an example of a "custom" PS2 Classics game. I ripped the images off Google. The black section of the image actually don't show up on the actual converted game. Just whatever you paste on there is stretched to fit the PS3 image size.

    Edit: I'm going to add this into my guide.
    Edit 2: THat guide is slightly outdated but still gives you the basic outline. The new PS2 Classics GUI in PS3 Tools Collection already fixed the content ID and klicense issue so you don't actually need to enter the codes in. It also lets you make a PKG out of the ISO.BIN.ENC