PS2 "disk read error" and dead first controller port

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    Oct 16, 2015
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    I wanted to play some good old GTA (Vice City Stories) on my PS2, but it wasn't able to read the disk in time, so I decided to go into the Browser to see what things I could delet from my PS1 SDCard which I have found when I plugged my PS2 in the TV. But for some reason it seems like that Port#1 doesn't work at all (Port#2 works fine, that's how I navigated the menus). In the Browser after inserting the disk after a long time it says "disk read error". No matter how many times I have rebooted it still didn't read the disk, so I decided to take the PS2 apart. Oh boy, what I have found...


    When I got this PS2 many and many years ago (used) I didn't know it has been opened before (because I haven't opened it yet before). The person who gave this to me seems to have made some modifications which I think caused my PS2 not to read disks based on the looks of the 2 cables on the last image. I don't think that those cables are supposed to be just floating there like that.

    Does anyone have an idea what this is and how could I fix it? (if (re-)soldering is needed then I could do it, you'd just need to tell me to solder what and where)

    Edit: it looks like these 2 wires were soldered on a chip on the disk drive. Sadly I don't have precise enough tools to solder stuff small like this :/ Is it safe to remove this madness?

    Edit: carefully removing this hardmod thingy fixed the disk read error \o/
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