Question Problem with Retroarch on Atmosphere 0.9.4 (emuMMC)

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    Okay so Ive recently bought a Swtich, unlocked and everything.

    Ive been messing around, installing latest atmosphere (through kosmos) and finally got to install retroarch.

    To sum short, Im going to copy and paste what I asked on reddit Retroarch:

    "Ok, so I've been using Retroarch for a few hours, got a new Switch.
    Everything fine with using it, but when I pause a game (get to the "Resume Content, Save State" screen), I scroll down and it freezes, and I have to reboot the Switch.
    I started running atmosphere 0.9.4, and retroarch 1.7.9, the just released version, on firmware 9.0.1 (emuMMC).
    I downgraded the firmware on the emuMMC to 8.1.0 and retroarch 1.7.8 and still freezes. I dont know what it could be."

    My SD is on ExFat. I wiped it out, but didnt format it to FAT 32. I wiped it out just to unlock the switch from scratch. I even set up an emuMMC with 8.1.0 and retroarch 1.7.8 and atmosphere is giving me a 2168-0002 error.

    Will I have to format my sd to FAT 32?

    EDIT: I formatted to FAT 32 and still hangs up. I have a Kingston 128gb that the seller bundled it to me. Could it be that the sd card is the problem?

    EDIT2: Attached photo of the error IMG_20191010_023732.
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