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    im looking to get a private header to use with my sky3ds but I don't have the necessary stuff to do it. Does anyone know where I could purchase one or someone could do it for me? I don't NEED it but it would be nice to occasionally go online. If it's gonna cost too much I'd probably just go the save games route and do it myself however I'd really prefer not to.
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    Go to gamestop. Buy cheap used games. Dump games with gateway. Profit.
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    If you're on 9.2 or lower, you could buy a game from Gamestop and rip the header yourself (Some gamestops carry 3ds games for as low as $1.
    If you're above 9.2 you could buy a game & a PowerSaves Adapter & rip the header yourself using a guide. This'll cost your at least $21

    There are a couple here to advertise occasionally selling a private header for $10. Just know when you buy a private header from someone online, you could get screwd, so if you do, it's best to go through a trusted member.
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    So how does this work when you want to change the private header? Do you have to delete the games already on the sky card and then write them back? Or is there a way to update all games on it already? I tried messing in diskwriter 2.02b1 and I can change the template but there is no place to save the template when exiting or a option to update the information for games already on it.