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    POWDER 096
    Roguelike designed for NDS/GBA

    A big bug fix version of Jeff Lait's roguelike for NDS and GBA. Download and full changelog below.

    [title:Changelog] * Golden tridude is reflective as intended.
    * Soul suckers now have encyclopedia entry. (Richard Quirk)
    * I had forgotten to update the non-classic tilesets with some approximations of the new tiles. This has now been done.
    * Creatures blown into something that kills them will no longer cause a crash.
    * Fire elementals boiling water, falling in the resulting pit, and dying, will no longer crash.
    * New ring: polymorph control; along with the required intrinsic. If you have polycontrol, you can chose the form of any creature you have slain.
    * Creatures with polycontrol will try first to become their most evolved form. If they are already that, they'll stay the same, unless they figure they are close enough to death a polymorph might be worth a shot.
    * Wand users that are almost dead may decide to zap themselves with polymorph in hopes of a better roll.
    * Mini icons are flipped when moved to the off-hand. Most notably, the bow will point away from the character in all cases. The handle for the off hand has also been made symmetrical to the main hand so a symmetrical mini-me will work as expected. This required a two pixel change to the mini-me icon. (Akoi Meexx)
    * Restarting the game would not delete any of the items in creature's inventory, leaking memory. This was very apparent during stress tests causing the DS and GBA to quickly run out of memory and PC based systems to eventually run out of MOB ids.
    * Killing yourself with Acid Splash will no longer crash.
    * Creatures who revert to normal form after teleportitis, auto-searching, being blown by the wind, boiling water they stand on, will no longer crash.
    * Creatures reverting to their normal form from their own fireball will no longer crash.
    * When in look mode, clicking will scroll to that tile and give a brief description. Clicking the current tile will end look mode and give the long form description. (Richard Quirk)
    * Three more maps.

    [​IMG] Download for NDS
    [​IMG] Download for GBA
    [​IMG] Source
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    Has anyone even gotten close to beating this? I usually die in the first 4 levels. One time i got lucky and went to level ~15 but those damn ghosts (resistant to melee) kicked my ass. [​IMG]