pokemon xd, controller goes up

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    Sep 19, 2013
    i am trying to play pokemon xd, but when i try to walk down, the character goes up...
    this issue is weird, since if i slowly tilt the analogic down, character goes down, but if i press the stick more than halfway, the character goes up

    it does this in both analogic sticks, the D PAD is working fine..

    this also happens on the menus...

    i am using a backup (verified hash) and this happens in both dios mios and nintendont

    i am using a gamecube controller.., tried both wiiflow and cfg

    i also tried to use gamecube combination to reset the analogics, i even tryed to force a position, but doesnt fix the problem (it makes even worse lol)

    more weird is, if i use a usb controller with nintendon't it works propertly...
    all other games work fine...