Pokemon GEN 3 ROM save pokemon trade to GEN4-Is it possible?

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    Jan 6, 2015
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    So I own a ds and all GEN4 games. That is where I landed after briefly trying GEN1, skipping GEN2 and 3 altogether. Since the recent death of Iwata, I think it's time to come back to the classics tho. I want to play the updated Leaf Green and Emerald game. I am not a GBA gamers, so I will be playing the game on my DS dual slot.

    Sounds simple, right? Well, I want this to be a complete walkthru. I do not have a emotional attachment to these games as others, and I want to get all the event Items. I am not concerned with hacking the game to get infinite of that or all pokemon, all I want is a normal walkthru along with picking up the event items from the poke mart to get the event pokemon. That is difficult to say the least on a real game, since these events were a one time thing back in 2006. Recreating that on the actual cart would require gameshark or Action replay, which are expensive, rare and unreliable.

    I believe that the easiest way to do this would be to get ROM of the game, trick the game into letting the events take place and play the games that way. I would rather do that anyways since these old games use batteries which do eventually run out, and destroy your game progress.

    The question to you is: How would I do that? I am not a expert on ROM hacking on the GBA side of things. I just want to play the games, have fun, and get my pokemon transferred to relevant GENs. I know this is possible, can you point me in the right direction, whetever it is the website or a product I am searching for. Alternatively, I would also like to play the games on my R4 DS cart, as a ROM, without worrying about the batteries running out. So if anyone out there knows a good GBA emulator that will also let me save the data and let me trade to GEN 4, that would be appreciated. If none of that works, what would be my best bet for getting these events inside the actual game cart, without the need of Game Shark or Action Replay?