Pokemon Diamond/Pearl GBA .sav File migration possibilities?

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    Greetings all, hope this is in the right place. Saw one or two other topics similar but with no real direct answer. I was hoping to get one from someone here since this seems to be a pretty good knowledge base.


    I have an EzFlash IV dualslot. (Gba Flash Storage + Passkey) solution. I was wondering what the possibilities are of migrating Pokemon from previous generation games (Emerald, FireRed, etc) to current gen. (Diamond/Pearl/Plat) from rom-to-rom, not rom-to-legit game. I'm not talking strictly for my card, but on a broad range. What possibilities are out there? For other cards? Emulators? Patching roms? I've been out of the loop for awhile in this whole scene, so forgive me if I'm not real sharp on current trends, but I can probably understand any answer given.

    I know one answer everybody likes to give is "Just use the AR" but this might sound contradictory, but I want to catch all of them myself, in a legal way. Using pirated roms [​IMG]

    Thanks for the help [​IMG]
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    You should post this in the EZ-Flash forum for answers coming from people knowing your flashcart.
    Although, I can migrate pokemons from my EZ-Flash 3, but only if it is the only rom on the FLASH memory, so it IS possible with some flashcarts, but you'll need to know if your's is one of them.

    Hope you'll get your answer.
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    You need to patch your NDS rom in order the migration works. I´ve found one in the EZ-Flash forums, so search for the topic and download the patch.

    Lucky [​IMG]
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    And if I may ask how and where do you choose to migrate?
    Is this ingame or on choosing a new game?
    Also are there any requirements for migrating other than a patched nds pokemon rom and a gba game in nor of ur slot 2?
    (For example a sertain amount of time played before this feature becomes availible?)
    (Or a goal that must be completed on the GBA game?)

    Greetz, Vistabuser.