please tell your history when you first sign in to gbatemp

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Sathya, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. ThoD

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    Sep 8, 2017
    What last words? I'm not dead yet... at least I think I'm not...:P Or you meant the "lol"?
  2. sp3off

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Hell's Lair
    Wanted to talk with Lustar about one of his GameTDB posts. I shared a artwork and then finished in what I am now.

    I helped from the beginning, and still happy to help nowadays.
  3. ctrninja

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    Jan 12, 2017
    United States
    ARM11 Userland
    I joined because of the AW & Rei drama.
  4. BORTZ

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    Dec 2, 2007
    United States
    I was looking for a media solution for my DS.
  5. Riyaz

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Ive been here since the gba and psp days but made an account in 2011 to ask something about the m3i zero update cable.
  6. Lucifer666

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    Apr 22, 2011
    The Fourth Dimension
    I started lurking sometime when I was 9-10 years old. I remember finding a town map/save editor for Animal Crossing: Wild World which I had both a retail copy of and on an R4 (with stock fw; didn't know about Wood till MUCH later) and it was just the coolest. Who knows how many hours I spent working on the structurally perfect town. That was really my first dip into console/save hacking; all I had done up to that point was just mess around with emulators and ROMs to play retro games whose consoles I didn't own.

    Took me 3 years since the to decide to actually sign up, and in that time (+onwards) I got into the DS/i flashcard scene (got an AceKard2i with AKAIO, put Wood on my R4 and gave it to a friend who only had a DS Lite), Wii hacking (HBC + USB loader ftw), Action Replay, the 3DS hacking scene and all its amazing developments from Gatewait to *hax to A9LH to B9S. Never forget that one "flashcard" that promised so much and had a silly loading bar on its website acting as an ETA for its release, which I'm pretty sure never happened. Crown 3DS or something like that.

    These days I'm definitely not as involved in the 'temp community as I used to be, as a result of my correspondingly dwindling engagement to video games as a whole. I just grew up and got busy, but this site is still bookmarked and I am still interested in these topics when I have the time to be. I own a Switch, which I play on occasion.
    NGL, writing this made me feel a bit nostalgic.

    EDIT: Holy **** this post just moved me up a rank. I'm now a GBAtemp Advanced Maniac :yay:
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  7. azoreseuropa

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    Nov 6, 2002
    Proud to be Portuguese but I am in USA.
    I dont remember when I first signed here. What made me join is a good question. Don't remember. I signed it in the year of 2002 so it was a long time.
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  8. Tom Bombadildo

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    Jul 11, 2009
    United States
    I forgot
    I lurked a bit for a year or so before I joined, first for Wii hacks when the Twilight Hack came out. Then made an account a year or so later, asking some questions about Wii game compatibility with early backup loaders.
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  9. NicoAICP

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    Nov 6, 2016
    werfs Flammen
    I lurked since gateway released here, but when wiiuusb helper got a thing i made an account
  10. XanLoves

    XanLoves Member

    Mar 15, 2009
    Glasgow, UK
    I joined Mar 15, 2009 apparently, but certainly lurked around before then. I had to look at the WayBackMachine to see if I could remember anything. I remember the old release log for the gba/ds/wii games, it looks familiar going through to around 2004/2005.

    Posted a bit in mid 2011. Found all the DSi & wii hacking the most interesting. I think that's when I finally made an account.

    Good times, eh.
  11. WiiUBricker

    WiiUBricker Insert Custom Title

    Sep 19, 2009
    I was looking for DS porn.

    Good ol’ Tehskeen. I wonder what happened to Brakken and his news poster whose name I forgot.
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  12. Sonic Angel Knight

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    May 27, 2016
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    New York
    How did you become a admin with that statement? :wtf:
  13. Tom Bombadildo

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    I mean, GBATemp was a ROM site and shaunj was basically one of the pioneers of "modern" GBATemp along with KiVan? shaunj can say whatever he wants in my book ;O;
  14. rileysrjay

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    Apr 2, 2016
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    I started lurking when shutterbug managed to get windows 95 running on a n3ds... Then I joined a few months later to ask about hacking my 3ds.
  15. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Before this forum existed, @KiVan had a single web page with links on it. It had a guestbook where you could sign and say thankyou etc. We noticed people started to use the guestbook to communicate with each other, because it was all there was, and that is when it was decided to make this forum, to make it easy for gamers to talk.

    Before GBAtemp even existed, most of the founding members, past and present, where in groups in various channels on IRC EFnet. That is really where GBAtemp comes from.

    So I guess I signed in to help build the site.
  16. Spectral Blizzard

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    Jun 17, 2017
    United States
    Years and years ago I had another account for...stuff.
    Then I forgot it when I needed help with my 3DS.
    That's how this lowly account came to be.
  17. HamBone41801

    HamBone41801 K35

    Jan 16, 2017
    United States
    I believe my first post was asking about rom hacks. iirc, no one even replied.
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  18. VinsCool

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    Jan 7, 2014
    Another World
    I used to be a lurker for quite a long time, until crediar announced nintendont (I used devolution for quite a while with the very few games I owned at the time). That day I started to look at GBAtemp multiple times a day, and eventually created my account in 2014. Afterward, I was pretty inactive until the month of August, when the 3ds scene started grow more and more with the announcement of ninjhax (known as ssspwn during that period).
    Eventually I became even more active in the community, and stuck since then.
    I know I was quite an ass for a time, but I changed, hopefully for the best at GBAtemp :grog:
  19. Polopop123

    Polopop123 Banned

    Aug 21, 2017
    Honesty is the best policy
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  20. TVL

    TVL #|

    Feb 17, 2004
    World -1
    I do remember that you after a while had to become a registered member to download roms from this site (or am I missremembering?). But I don't think this account is the one for that, that it was earlier. But I'm not too sure if I just downloaded all my games off of IRC and didn't bother with gbatemp for a while. I still think that is missing from the history of gbatemp, was it the same guy behind all those "10 most recent games" sites? because as soon as one was closed down another one popped right up with a new name.

    If it wasn't for rom downloads I have no clue why I would have registered back then.