Please help me with what flash cart to get for my ads??

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    I know that there is so much wonderful and helpful information on here, but I am struggling to get through it all! I got a r4i card for my sons DS's a few years ago and use game roms on them. They work great. But, I got a ads XL for my son for Christmas because he really wants to play all the new 3ds games. But - i am struggling to see if we can even do this.

    So if someone has patience to help me here - I would be sooooo thankful!!

    I bought a black 3DS XL with version 6.2.0-12. Can I buy the Gateway card or the r4i Gold card and play 3ds games on this ds? Or will it not work with that version? Also, can the r4i gold card play more than one game on a micro sd card? I like the price of that card compared to the Gateway - but need to be able to put multiple games on one card.

    I'd love some help with what to buy and do. THANK YOU!!!!!!
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    I think that Gw don't work for that version, but it come with a cart to play DS games too, I think you should get this, I saw some people having problens but other with no problens at all o-o
    I don't know if have any exploit in this version that allow you to use the GW already ....
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    Gateway3ds if you can wait a bit until GW releases support for sysnand 6.x.

    You'll be throwing that sky3ds away in a few months anyway
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    Like json said, I also believe the Sky3DS will quickly become obsolete, because Nintendo can very easily block it and it has no update support.

    If you are pressed for time, I would personally suggest that you buy a game which has 8.x firmware on it and give it to your son on Christmas, then tell them not to update it (nor connect to Wi-Fi) until the Gateway 3DS supports version 8.x, which will likely happen after they release the 9.x update, according to a post on their website:

    If you absolutely must get a 3DS flashcart by Christmas then definitely go with Sky3DS, but please note that the Sky3DS can only play games locked to your console's region, meaning that, for example, if you have an American 3DS, you cannot download a European-exclusive title like Picross e. You also can't install eShop-exclusive titles like Flipnote Studio 3D.

    EDIT: If I wasn't clear, I really do think Gateway is the only good flashcart option due to its future-proof nature, multi-rom support and long-running reputation, but unfortunately it requires a firmware that's difficult to get to and probably won't be any easier before Christmas time (very likely, so I wouldn't hold my breath).