Playing back-ups on GameCube?

Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by Lucifer666, May 18, 2012.

  1. Lucifer666

    Lucifer666 all the world needs is me

    Apr 22, 2011
    The Fourth Dimension
    All right, so I can really be incredibly tech-impaired when it comes to retro consoles.
    So, unfortunately, my GameCube's been sitting there collecting dust ever since my brother bought me it a year ago from Germany.
    It's German, so it's a PAL version, and he bought me one game along with it.

    Now, where I live, there are no secondhand stores, nor are there any retro game stores.
    We're short on hardware stores too.

    I noticed the internet has a lack of GameCube softmod guides.

    So I've been reading today. All about this Xeno GC, SD Media Launcher and Max Drive Pro stuff and it all seemed very interesting.
    But there's no way I can get my hands on any of that stuff either. Online shopping is not an option either, because I'm only allowed to get stuff off Ebay, Amazon and Dealextreme.

    Speaking of DealExtreme, I actually did manage to find something that caught my attention.

    I'm aware the name says "for Wii", but according to the comments, it works on GameCube too.
    And really, this is all I'm looking for if it allows to boot homebrew and eventually lets me play GameCube back-ups.

    Great! But, how will I be able to actually load it up? I do not intend on hardmodding since I already mentioned that I can't get that stuff here.

    One of the reviews of this Wiikey mentions a boot disc.

    A boot disc sounds great, especially if I can download and burn it on my own. I'm having problems finding some more info about this on the internet. ​
    I would really appreciate it if someone could perhaps shed some light on this for me. Thanks in advance everyone!​

    If a boot disc doesn't actually exist, I think I'm gonna have to sell my Gamecube and buy a pre-modded one...​
  2. KiiWii

    KiiWii GBAtemp Guru

    Nov 17, 2008
    United Kingdom
    I used to have PSO and the BB adaptor to load via PC. I'm sure you could possibly find both of those on eBay?

    I'm pretty sure boot disc is just for config of installed chip not for booting backups? correct me if I'm wrong.

    I have SDML which is basically same thing as GCMC to SD adaptor and a "bootdisk". I think you can use this on GC to load DOL's but I don't know further what apps you would require. SD-boot/swiss??
  3. Lucifer666

    Lucifer666 all the world needs is me

    Apr 22, 2011
    The Fourth Dimension
    Nah, I need the boot disc to actually boot Wiikey, since I don't have a hardmodded GC.
    I've heard of the Media Launcher before, but these aren't on Ebay (not the one for European consoles at least), and so I really can't get one.
    But thanks. :)
    I'll keep looking into this "boot disc".
    If anyone here on the temp can help, please do. I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Lucifer666

    Lucifer666 all the world needs is me

    Apr 22, 2011
    The Fourth Dimension
    All right, so it looks like there is no hope here unless I get my hands on the SD Media Launcher miraculously.

    If I'm gonna go through a lot of pain for that, then I might as well just screw it and go for a Xeno GC since it wouldn't require me to swap discs every time.

    So this is where you guys can really come in handy.
    I'm looking for a website that sells those two items together (I don't want more than one shipment): A Xeno GC chip and a GameCube screwdriver (for those four bottom screws).
    I'm looking for a site that's trusted, and one that uses PayPal. (It's got to be PayPal; I'm not allowed to pay by card)
    Shipping.. well, preferrably worldwide, but I guess I *might* be able to have someone in the states send it over here. So either the site ships worldwide, or to the US. Either should be fine.

    Also, I'd like to know more about installing the Xeno GC. I don't need instructions, as I'm aware there are guides on-line, but is it hard? Do you recommend it for someone with shaky hands? (I'm very shaky almost all the time) I haven't soldered very much before. Do I need a lot of experience to get it right?

    Thanks a lot! ^_^
  5. dilav

    dilav GBAtemp Maniac

    Nov 22, 2006
    United States

    Have you check codejunkies UK for a SD Media Launcher?

    There is no need to swap disc if running your backups from SD card. XenoGC will require using Mini-DVDs.

    I have some Xeno and 4.5mm gamebit for sale. bluedisc also have some of these.

    I can't say how hard this is. For me they are very simple, but these chips are small around 1.5 x 2cm and I can see the potential solder bridge.
    Install instruction
  6. SoraK05

    SoraK05 GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 24, 2007
    I made this package some time back if it will help :)

    It doesn't include the part about being able to solder a WODE / Wiikey Fusion to it (without audiostreaming), since this is from quite a while before any of those kind of Wii chips.
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