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May 24, 2019
I was looking for presents for sys-clk.

I do know that on the sys-clk github page, there is a good collection of presents for games but it seems that it hasn't been updated for a bit . I also know that there are some presets and information on the sys-clk GBATemp page but they are hard to find and mixed with questions about the app.

So reaching out here, to make a post for just presets for any games that you have.
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    i've seen lots of porn on twitter
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    Yes but it mostly involves trying to get someone cancelled
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    Twitter doesn't give a fuck any more, the only thing that will get you banned there is criticizing Musk.
  • Skelletonike @ Skelletonike:
    Tbf, there's too much censorship nowadays.
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    Hate censorship hurt feelings
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    Life might be like a box of chocolates but it sure doesn't taste like it
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    Censorship hurts my feefees.
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    I can't even say we need to exterminate the lesser races without some pearl clutching woke librul getting mad at me.
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    I can't even say chocolate without being called a racist
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    Friday is so far away.
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    Friday is a state of mind.
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    What does Friday have that other days don't?
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    The weekend
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    I need another weekend.
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    visceral_88 is kind of a worthless person u know?
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    Lick the car?
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    Can the car be a... van? :creep:
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    my automobile sampling is none of your buisness
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    but i digress
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    yes, i have sampled vans
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    they taste delicious
    lickthecar @ lickthecar: they taste delicious