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    I was reading a couple of threads over at the 3DS boards and saw how everyone was worried that pirating the 3DS would lead to killing the machine over time. Perhaps developers would stop developing games or maybe the quality wouldn't be as great as it could be. This may be true, but for me, piracy does more than damage sales for Nintendo. I've realized that piracy damages the whole gaming experience.

    I grew up with the Sega Genesis, I can still remember my mom purchasing the system and the included Sonic 1 (and mail in certificate for Sonic 2) that came with the system. I can also remember wanting so many of the new games for the Genesis like, Sonic 3/Knuckles, Aladdin, Jurassic Park, Rocket Knight Adventures, etc... In order to get these though I had to mow lawns or do chores around the house and save my money for them! The other option was to wait throughout the year for my birthday or Christmas. Anyway what I'm getting to is, I appreciated these games because I had to work for them. To this day my favorite game is still Sonic 1. In this age of the Internet we expect things instantly, and most of us here can usually succeed at obtaining this. As a child I could only dream of having every game for every system. I guess the thought of all the work and money I would have to put in to obtain every game just seemed unimaginable. Now that we have the internet, the whole EUR, USA & JAP collections for many recent generation systems can be had in a matter of hours (or minutes). You can no longer admire that game case, artwork and physical media sitting on your shelf that you worked so hard for. Our games sit on a memory card waiting to be played, which most of the time doesn't happen because the care to play just isn't there like it is when you review a game, anticipate a game, rent the game and buy the game.

    So don't be so worried about the system dying, be more concerned with the experience you lose when downloading a game. Anyone out there agree with me?
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    When you pirate you definitely lose interest easily and find things a lot more disposable. It's just the mentality really. I mean there's still games that you definitely will play a lot, but there's many times you'll take games for granted instead of really being observant. Mediocre games are still thought to be decent just because it'll take up an hour or two, but by any other standards it's a bad game.

    The whole argument that piracy kills devs is bullshit, piracy is still a minority in terms of gaming.
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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I had close to 150 games on the 360 that I pirated, and only completed a handfull.

    Now, I own a legit 360, about 20 games and I have completed half of them. When you pirate games, they hold no sense of value, so you become jaded to the whole experience and you quit games because of niggling little details, acting like it's a game breaking Flaw. When in reality, normally people would look over that small flaw and complete the game.
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    I agree that you don't value the games as much. When I used to pirate games I would rarely finish them before another game that I was only semi interested in would be released and then I would download and play that instead creating a long list of games I couldn't be arsed to complete. Now that I'm buying all my games I find that I'm completing them a lot more. Even when a game is really cheap that small value is enough to drive me to complete it. My most recent example of this was Beyond Good and Evil HD which was only 800MSP but I still completed it over 3 days.
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    The reason you lost interest easier is you pirate games you likely would never invest money in initially.
    So if you were to never pirate and only play games legit, you'd only buy games you really want.
    if you pirate, you'll pirate any game you're interested in, but maybe not full invested in to begin with.

    The same thing is why piracy barely affects game sales. Most pirates wouldn't have bought the game regardless, and some pirates still buy games they see as fully worth it.
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    I definitely agree with you. There are many benefits to pirating, but I decided that I wasn't going to pirate with the 3DS for many of the reasons you named.
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    Can't agree with you anymore .
    I won't cherish something that is easy to get , it sounds ridiculous but it's just a truth .
    Recently I think I am tired of all video games just because I pirated every games , I paid nothing and being picky to them.
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    I agree with you, which is the main reason I stopped pirating and started buying all my games again. I honesty enjoy them more knowing I had to work for them and I honestly own them now.
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    I always wanted to buy my own games..being a honest gamer and all..but I can't. There ain't nothing except sony here in turkey...
    no sign of nintendo [​IMG] [​IMG] don't say "buy online" cuz my mom won't allow me to...
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    I think one of the big things we lose in piracy is that material possesion that we think of as "games". Seeing newer games on common formats that you can easily buy in bulk like DVDs sorta takes away a bit of the entitlement of having a real game to me. Anyone who grew up with a pre-playstation console knows how much cooler it is to sort through a stack of cartridges than a rack of CDs. The games were bigger, and you felt like there was more in them, even if there wasn't. And who could forget birthdays and christmas mornings, opening up gifts to find a ton of used cartridges (or, for the REALLY old guys here, a NEW cartridge or two) We'd play the shit out of everything we had, no matter how good or bad it was.

    The only reason I turned to piracy was because, after acquiring a Well-working, non-yellowed SNES, a HUGE collection of SNES games (including the elusive mario RPG and Kirby's dreamland 3!), two SNES pads, a RARE liscensed arcade joystick for my SNES, and a few manuals, Dad decided it was time for me to grow up. He didn't give a shit about prices, he sold everything for $10, and used it to buy me a used math textbook.

    The games on my "recent" list in SNES9x and CATSFC aren't good games. Hell, there's Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt and Yogi Bear at the top of it. They weren't good - They were quite bad, looking at them now. But they were my childhood. I turned to piracy to try and reclaim the six long years I'd lost without a single videogame, and, to a point, I got them back, and even more. I claimed more games than I used to have. Hundreds, thousands more! Goodsets for older consoles that had every single game for them! I got newer games, and bought newer consoles to run them on. It was great! All of these games to play!

    So far, I've beaten FOUR. It's been 3 years since I started pirating. And now, why would I need those old pieces of junk? I can run everything perfectly now. No more clunky joysticks when the two normal ones are taken for a round of bomberman, no more big space-hogging cartridges in plastic boxes, no more having to blow in a game to get it working.


    But I'll never hold that huge NES-Advantage-like joystick again.

    And I'll never see the shining stickers on those classic gray cartriges again.

    And I'll never empty my breath to perform "Nintendo CPR" on a dirty cartride again.

    I am incomplete, now and forever.
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    Sep 20, 2009
    Hi I'm Corey,
    *hi corey*
    and I'm a Pirateholic.
    Ive been pirating for just over a year now, just that feeling of getting the game that I want instantly without saving up for month to unfotunetly due to my incompetence in picking good games [ay around 60-80 dollars on shovel ware.
    *breaks down*
    You know they need to stop making games SO FRICK'N EXPENSIVE JESUS CHRIST THEY CANT JUST F******G EMPTY MY WALLET BUT THEY......
    *calms down*
    I.... I.... I just love you all so much okay! *hugs for corey [​IMG]*
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    Aug 5, 2010
    I agree with the OP 100%.
    I had an AK2i and I downloaded Professor Layton and the Unwound Future...
    I played through the whole game, it was purely amazing.
    Then meh, I just gave away my AK2i to my little cousin.
    Then, I felt mean. I bought Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (I'm against piracy so I forced myself to buy it).
    I must say, playing the one I bought made the game feel so special.
    Also, when I download a game (back when I used to pirate), it never managed to give me that feeling of excitement the way a legit one would.
    For example, the day I bought Mario Kart DS, I felt so damn excited I was going to burst to tears of joy. (Yes, I'm a little too hyped over MKDS [​IMG] )
    I then lost my game. I downloaded it onto an R4, and I didn't enjoy it that much. I had a million other games on my R4 I would have enjoyed if I bought.