ONM qualifies Tournament of Legends as the worst in history

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    The Official Nintendo Magazine UK, through an advance online publication, has published a devastating review of the game "Tournament of Legends", calling him "the new worst game in history", it is very common made a formal means such harsh criticisms against a game:

    In short, users of this journal hardly buy this game, which he received harsh criticism for questionable cosmetic change that suffered during its development and the analysis above is decorated with phrases like it seems we're playing a technique demo of 1992, which default controls are not working just to finish highly recommended if you want a fighting game, buy Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

    Warning, if it deems it so bad so becomes a constant, to be sure that buyers will curious to see how far it is bad, believe it or not, there are collectors of "bad games".

    Source: http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/...le.php?id=18527
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    EDIT: First post was edited, so my post doesn't apply as much anymore
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    All of Popcorn arcades games are worse than this. Far Cry Wii is worse. Jurrassic: The Hunted is worse.

    This game isn't that bad. Once you learn the ropes and controls it is a decent enough fighter
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    to think i prefer this game to taksunoko vs capcom, I find this one more fun but in the end id just play soulcalibur 4
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    in 20 years... AVGN will take care of this piece of dog shit