Onimusha Goes Social

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    According to the Gamasutra website, Capcom, through their subsidiary company Beeline, is gearing up for their first browser-based release, Onimusha Soul. Based on games released for the Playstation 2, Onimusha Soul is an RPG that "will feature both action and puzzle elements." The game will offer cooperative and competitive multiplayer features, and utilizing the Unity 3D engine, the game will also be coming to mobile devices later in the year. Onimusha Soul releases for PC browsers on June 28.

    :arrow: Source: Gamasutra
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    Great things can be done using the Unity web thing. I'm actually looking forward to it. But, will it be released in English too?
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    This is certainly a new direction for the franchise. How it ends up, though, is another matter...
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    Yeah does it have English?
    I'm a massive fan of the series, played every game and was hoping for some kind of reboot on Vita.
    Also not sure if fans of Onimusha are the kind of gamers to play browser games, I know I don't though if this is in English I'll give it a try on my Android.
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