Hacking Not Run-of-the-Mill 1017 Error


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Oct 29, 2008
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So, basically here's what's going on:

I downgraded to 3.2U, installed Starfall (w/ region free and update block) and CIOScorp and, from tehre, everything was going swimmingly--all back-ups still worked, I could boot games from disc channel, etc. So far, so good.

Then I tried to install a Japanese WiiWare (set to NTSC-U with Free the Eads) wad via Wad Manager and, lo and behold, I get a 1017 error, OK, fine, maybe it's just a glitch. So I try another game, this time an American Wiiware wad and...same thing.

Next I reboot the Wii, go back to Wad Manager and try again...same deal--neither the Japanese Wiiware wad nor the American one following it will install and I get the 1017 error.

Then I reboot again, go to Wad Manager and try to install a very recent American wad and, voila!, it works! No problems! Runs, plays and un-installs like a champ! Then, figuring is was just a series of glitches, without rebooting, I go back to Channel Manager and try to install the Japanese (set to US region) wad and, bam, 1017 error! I even set the original wad to region free and then leave it as Japan, try again, and, still, 1017 error!

Finally, I took a quite old Japanese WiiWare title and blahblahblah wad manager blahblahblah and it works like a charm! Installs and un-installs no problem!

So, basically, after all of this I do numerous searches both here and on the Net and, basically, it appears I'm the only one having this particular flavor of 1017 issue.

So, my question for the experts out there, any ideas as to what's up? Is this some sort of problem with newer Japanese wads? I don't think it is since others seem to be able to get them to run under the same conditions as I am running under and, that being the case, what could it be?

(please note: there is no rush on coming up with an answer for this as it's a minor headache and little more, but it does seem a little strange so I'd like to know if anyone has any theories before I do something more in-depth in an attempt to fix it.)

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