Noob question regarding cIOS rev13 a/b

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Helsionium, Jul 5, 2009.

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    I'm really sorry for starting a new topic for such a pointless/noobish question, but the vast amount of info is very confusing and I'm not able to find exactly the info I want, so I thought I might as well just ask here:

    cIOS 13b has a bug that causes my custom game channels to only work every other time (or after I manually un- and re-connect the USB wire). This appears to be the same or a related bug many other people have encountered when trying to load a second game, it wouldn't boot.

    1. Does cIOS 13a have the same bug? If yes, what version of cIOS was the last without this bug?
    2. Is it known whether cIOS 14 will fix this bug?
    3. Some loaders appear to have workarounds to fix this bug. Is there any loader .dol (for game channels) that directly loads a game from USB that also has a workaround for this bug?

    I'm actually asking WiiPower specifically, because I appreciate his precise knowledge of everything ©IOS-related, but anyone who knows the answers, please feel free to answer.
    I apologize for this noobish topic and hope it will be my last one.

    EDIT: Oh no, I even posted it to the wrong board...
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    cios 13a does not have this bug for me,so maybe 13b is the only one. I know rev10 is considered by most as very stable
    theres no way to speculate about waninkokos cios releases bcuz since rev10 IMHO the havent been tested and debugged as much. He may fix everything, he may do something weird, hes just that kind of guy

    I use USB loader gx, and made my channels with JAUCLT and they work fine on rev13a

    Hope that helps you
  3. WiiPower

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    As far as i know the only difference between 13a and 13b is that b has the 002 patch, which makes it unusable for serious use.
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    Also, use the PM system next time.
  5. Dan_Aykroyd

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    Rev. 14 will be launched at July 15 (according to Waninkoko)