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Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by drobb, Feb 16, 2011.

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    ok im thinking about installing kamoew (sp?) 3.55 but i just want to make sure im doin it right. i dont really want to brick my ps3, cant afford to replace it.

    ok i followed a guide i found on psgroove i think it was and patched the ofw of 3.55 with kameow and the lv2 and my md5 matched the one in the guide.

    the real question i have is IF, IF i do manage to hose it up somehow and brick can i just reinstall ofw and fix it? or is a brick a brick and your screwed.

    also what is the best/needed managers? ive already d/led rogero and multiman.

    with one, the other, both can i use it to back up games thru the ps3. im not really looking to download games, its a nice idea but my 'net connection is just to awful to even try. even something like 4Gb would take me multiple days. heck some DS roms take an hour or more.

    im sure there is more, i just cant think of them off the top of my head.

    thanks for any and all answers and help.
  2. Sotoro

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    If you are updating from OFW 3.55 to CFW 3.55 there shouldn't be a chance of a brick. There isn't a single report about a brick for this way.
    I highly recommend multiman.
  3. Originality

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    There's always a chance for a brick, even when updating between OFW versions. It's just that most of the bricks that have been reported for kmeaw's CFW have been attributed to user error.
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    first, find and install OFW 3.55, then install kmeaw CFW 3.55, thats how I did it.
    And Multiman 1.15 is what I use. is the best interface, ease of use from all BM out there.
    And yes, you can rip games directly to HD, USB drive, etc...