Non-wifi backup alternative?

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    I'm getting fed up with the NDS Wifi backup tool. The problems I am having far outweigh the benifits. I need a non-wifi solution, preferably one that doesn't require me to spend more money.

    The hardware I have available is an M3 Real and GBA Expansion. Does anyone know of (or can write) a backup tool that will backup NDS carts temporarily to the GBA Expansion then write them back to the M3 Real storage card, similar to how the 3in1 tool works? That would be ideal as I wouldn't have to buy anything. Money is tight.
    Although I believe the 3in1 tool requires a reboot between the "backup" step and the "copy-back" step, so perhaps there is a hardware limitation that would prevent this from working?

    The ones I know about:
    • Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool 3in1: I am reluctant to buy an EZ 3in1 because I read in another thread that tool only works with the 3in1+. Is this true?
    • Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool Slot-2: I'm reluctant to commit to purchase anything because I haven't found any posts confirming what hardware works.
      If someone could help verify the compatability of this tool with the M3 and Supercard Slot-2 devices currently available at, I would appreciate it.
    Anyway, just looking for advice and confirmation of working hardware before I go buying anything else.

    In case you are wondering my major problems with the WiFi tool are:
    • my home area is over saturated with WiFi access points and the backup looses connection on every attempt.
    • i don't like being teathered to a physical location in order to perform a backup.

    Standard disclaimer: Backups are legal for personal use under US copyright law, piracy is bad, blah blah blah...
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    NDS Backup tool comes in several versions. It is best to get the version you need AFTER you get a 3in1, because there are several versions of the 3in1.

    You will need to get a hold of the M3 deblacklist patch file and apply that to NDS backup tool. I have a link to one in the first link in my sig. I don't know if it would work on the backup tool or not.
    Your other option is to get ahold of the wood nds backup tool.

    Any non wifi backup method will require a storage medium of some kind, in this case a 3in1.