Hacking No tutorials on what to do uploading vita game files to the system?


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Is that a direct rip of a cartridge?

If they were files you ripped yourself, you won't be able to do much with them as I am guessing you might have just ripped them with PFS encryption still bound to the files, and the eboot still encrypted.
You can try ripping it through Vitamin (it is able to dump cartridge-based content) and seeing if that will remove the PFS protection / eboot encryption for full modding purposes. (But don't forget you need to have the original cartridge to do that; those files you just have in your file explorer on your PC will be no good...)

If it is a cartridge rip from someone else, it won't be useful to you at all, and you should get the original owner/uploader of the files to dump it through Vitamin for you. (alternatively, find an already-ripped VPK of the game on the internet).

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