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    Jun 10, 2016
    Hey everyone, i've been using SX Os for a long time and I'm still not banned..I've only downloaded XCI's and played offline and when i go to my OFW i turn on the wi fi and play my original games online.. If i unlink the account and put it on another switch (never hacked, clean) is there a risk that the clean switch be banned in the future?
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    Aug 29, 2017
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    In theory, the answer should be no.
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    Jul 11, 2018
    In theory yes because you have probably sent information to Nintendo's server and no One knows what logs and what errors it sends even with telemetry off the best option was to have a nandroid backup prior to any hacking and restore it to go online and even then we dont know if Nintendo can track it ir not on your case which is account linked probably they can ban another switch if that user contains some bad logs ir errorrs that could breach the tos.
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    Microsoft would still ban you for it. I don't see why nintendo wouldnt.
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    Your other Switch won't get banned. No one knows the real answer to everything since Nintendo is changing a lot. With 6.0.0, you can unlink your account in the eShop and still play your legit eShop games as long as you play on your account with wifi connection being active. If you're concern about getting banned, do not mod your switch. You can discuss about getting banned in the following link instead of creating a new thread https://gbatemp.net/threads/nintendo-switch-banning-hub-warning.508710/
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    From what I understand most bans are tied to the console (cert ID) and not the account. So no matter what account you try with a banned console it will not work, but if you log in to a clean console you should be able to use your account like normal, provided your account itself wasn't banned... and from what I read that is much rarer.

    The fact you can still play your original games online shows your account (and for the moment console) likely aren't banned, so you shouldn't have any trouble using your account on a fresh console.
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