NNID after system transfer

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    I got a 3DS XL a couple of days ago from craigslist and unexpectedly it came with 6.6. Currently I have sysnand at 9.2, and emunand at 11.0. I went out and bought a N3DS XL, but it came with 11.0. I will be attempting the dsiware downgrade following this guide https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki/DSiWare-Downgrade, and got confused at this part.

    "Do one of the following (or neither if you don't mind *3DS #1's** NNID being nonfunctional)*
    -Do the rest of the sections and then the full guide on 3DS #2, then wait one week, then System Transfer from 3DS #2 back to 3DS #1 (remember you cannot transfer back from a New 3DS to an Old 3DS)
    -Go to the settings and attempt sign back into your initial NNID, then call Nintendo and ask about the error you get"

    I am not sure what the above means at all. Does it mean that I can't use my old NNID on 3DS #1? or does it mean that I can't sign in with a new NNID at all?