NIS announces Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

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    Someone has stolen Etna’s panties. The powerful demon is pissed, and so it will be up to her disposable squad of penguin-like Prinnies to retrieve the missing underwear. That seems to be the premise for Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! for the PSP, a follow up to last year’s Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?. It’s good news for Disgaea fans and bad news for the Prinnies.

    Like the original, Prinny 2 promises ultra challenging platforming action starring the penguin-like demons which are known as the “weakest monster in the netherworld.” You’ll once again get 1,000 lives to finish your quest for Etna’s panties, which ties in to the awesomely pathetic nature of the always bullied mascot for the Disgaea series.

    Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! is scheduled to release in January, 2011. Publisher NIS America also recently announced that Disgaea 4 will be releasing in North America in summer of 2011. Looks like Disgaea fans will have lots of grinding and dying to look forward to next year.[/p]

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    Disgaea 4 Info at GamesRadar.

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    Meh, didn't really like the first one. The controls were awful, iirc.
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    Yeah, I couldn't stand the controls either. The game would've been pretty fun if the jump mechanics weren't so wonky.

    Not to mention, I hate NIS with a buring passion. Fucking rehash churning company that's been bringing nothing but GARBAGE to the market. There's those "classics" such as Last rebellion, Cross Edge, and Trinity Universe. Did I mention the DLC yet?
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    I loved the first one, the controls were great, once you get used to them. I can't wait for the english version [​IMG]
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    woah! slow down there!
    nis ? garbage ?
    scrap that...
    i thank my dedication to NIS
    i thank my advocation to NIS
    so i will not accept NIS being bad-mouthed by some ghetto-punk stereotype or whatever you might be.
    infact i don't care what you are
    i care what you say
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    Prinny to save ... underwear!?
    Oh Etna what won't you make them do? [​IMG]
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    Same, and while I don't really HATE them I don't really like them either. Their games feel so... cheap. The only game I've somewhat liked from them is Disgaea 2 but it's too broken for me to really love it, which happens with pretty much every title of their property.
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    Wait, can't she just find another of panties? Those poor Prinnys...
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    I know people who will love this news but I personally can't stand anything from the Disgaea universe. The humor does nothing whatsoever for me.
  10. Elaugaufein

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Actually none of the games you mentioned are by NIS , they are published in America and Europe by NIS America but they aren't NIS games as such.

    Last Rebellion is a Hitmaker Game.

    Cross Edge was by Idea Factory and Compile Heart (NIS, Gust and Capcom just had a few cameo characters).

    Trinity Universe seems to have primarily been Idea Factory (both Gust and NIS are mentioned as creators as well but since their are very obvious cameo NPCs from both of them and the battle system is a less brain breaking version of Cross Edges, its pretty obvious who was the primary developer. Especially since Agarest (Record of Agarest Wars or Agarest: Generation of War depending on where in the english speaking world your live has a very similar battle system to and its a Compile Heart & Idea Factory game that wasn't published by NIS).

    Also the paid DLC for Cross Edge and Trinity Universe was mostly optional, with only a couple of exceptions (ie most of the DLC that added stuff that wasn't in the game was free, and most of the paid stuff was bribing your way to victory).

    There were a few NIS games with "part of the full experience" DLC like Prinny, D2:DHD, & D3 but those were usually fairly cheap on a per item basis and you wouldn't know you were missing them unless you knew about them so they aren't exactly game critical. D3 was a bit of an exception on both fronts the sheer quantity of the DLC made it expensive even though each item was pretty cheap and the patches that actually contained the data added a preview store so you would notice that stuff was missing.

    Thats not to say their aren't problems with many of NIS America's releases, Hitmaker developed games tend to be as buggy as all get out, obvious betas and/or have some really poorly thought out design choices, for one, but its better to correctly attribute faults.

    On a more personal note, am I the only one that thinks "rehash" and "churning" are ridiculously overused when it comes to criticising games particularly turn-based RPGs ? The things people tend to complain about being repeated tend to be the fundamentals of the genre or the differences from the genre that sets a company apart ie the things that people who actually buy these games buy them for. I for one don't want Action RPG in my Tactics game and find such "innovations" generally decrease the quality of games (Cross Edge for example suffers from not knowing if its a Turn-based RPG or an Action RPG) as the two don't mesh well since Turn-based RPGs tend to punish you severely for making wrong choices and Action RPGs tend to punish you for not having twitch reflexes. I don't want Disgaea 4 to play like a hideous hybrid of Warcraft III and Disgaea 3 in the name of innovation, I play Disgaea games because they are turn based RPGs.
  11. Raiser

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    Someone has stolen Etna’s panties. The powerful demon is pissed, and so it will be up to her disposable squad of penguin-like Prinnies to retrieve the missing underwear.

    Win is win.

    The first game was alright. Agreed with the odd controls though.
  12. .psyched

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    Aug 13, 2010
    Wasn't this announced a long time ago?
    Anyway, NIS's games have been getting lamer recently, but still, I hope this one's going to be fun.
  13. Rasas

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    They published some quality titles and so what if the game is rehashed most companies do that with some what successful and successful IP.

    Though I have to admit the DLC amount is questionable.