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Aug 16, 2015
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The second game I've got modded, next two will come in one thread cos I don't want people to feel like I'm spamming. (I'd put them here but they are more complicated so feel they should be separate)

The use of Simple mod manager is highly recommended due to the nature of this mod, as it allows for easy enabling/disabling (get it here). This mod can be installed manually if you must, but it's structured to work with the manager and latest version of atmosphere.

Before we start, this mod will enable the R18 content in-game and the gallery. No such files will be provided in this tutorial, only a custom config, links will only be provided to the legit steam patch (sfw page so think it's allowed). This game has an adult warning in the base game already so no kids allowed here, shoo.

There are two version of this games patch, a mosaic version of the scenes for the steam edition of the game, or a fully uncensored version for the MangaGamer edition. The steam patch can be downloaded for free, but the MangaGamer edition must be purchased as it comes pre-patched, unlike the steam edition.

The problem with this game is that the audio files for the R18 scenes are already in the PC base game and are not included in the free patch, so if you want to hear miss ninja waifu being lewd then you need to buy the game. Either version should work but it you don't already own the steam version I'd suggest buying the MangaGamer one as it'll have the fully uncensored scenes in it. Or if you don't care for the audio you can still get the mosaic scenes for free using the steam patch, just without spoken dialogue (the text is still there though).

How to install the patch

Getting ReadyAdding Audio (Optional)Adding FilesActivate & VerifyPossible Bug

    1. Download the attached zip, extract to desktop for now
    2. Download Steam Patch (mosaic scenes) (Free)
      Buy MangaGamer version and install (Full scenes) (Paid)
    3. Extract 'root.pfs.040' to desktop from the steam patch
      Locate 'root.pfs.050' in the pc install directory of the game (MangaGamer)

    • Buy either Steam or MangaGamer version of the game to get this file
    • Find 'root.pfs.000' in game install directory
    • Place 'root.pfs.000' in 'mods\NinNinDays\Restore Mod\contents\0100746010E4C000\romfs\'
    • Rename 'root.pfs.000' to 'root.pfs.001'

    1. Place patch 'root.pfs.040' (Steam) or 'root.pfs.050' (MangaGamer) in 'mods\NinNinDays\Restore Mod\contents\0100746010E4C000\romfs\'
    2. Your folder should look like this, with either 'root.pfs.040' or 'root.pfs.050', not both
    3. If you didn't add audio then 'root.pfs.001' will be missing, this is normal if you skipped that step
    4. Copy 'mods' folder to root of SD card to use with Simple Mod Manager

    1. Use mod manager or the tesla overlay to activate and verify the mod
    2. If you see 'Uncensored Edition' on the Artemis screen, the mod has installed successfully.
    3. R18 content is now available in story and extra/gallery mode.

  1. The controller navigation in the cg menu might not be 100% accurate, I'm pretty sure I added it in properly but if there's an image you can't navigate to, just use the touch screen.
    (I mean, you are in handheld mode, right?)

Should work with all languages but only tested with English. The steam patch worked for me but I only play tested through with the MangaGamer one. So if the steam patch doesn't work for you, try renaming it to 'root.pfs.050' and see if that helps (it should just work though).



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