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    Nov 8, 2018
    A few weeks ago, BroadOn leak mentioned "sd_boot", among other things, with which WAD files can be loaded directly from an SD card when the Wii is started. Now RedBees and Fluffy have shown an exploit that enables BootMii in boot2 on EVERY Wii.

    sd_boot is actually used in the WIi manufacturing process; the source code for this, including a retail-signed WAD, appeared in the BroadOn leak a few weeks ago. RedBees has now released a rather humorous preview trailer that shows BootMii in boot2 on a new Wii in which the Trucha bug in boot1 was actually fixed. This is a gap in the SD read code, which enables foreign code execution when cold booting (i.e. when the console is started).

    An installer for SDBoot has not yet been released. The only catch is that the sd_boot WAD cannot be obtained legally and a standard SD card (i.e. not SDHC / XC) is required.

    It is probably the most significant breakthrough in the Wii homebrew scene and finally a comprehensive brick protection for everyone! Except for Wii mini owners, of course, since they don't support SD cards anyway.

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