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Jan 18, 2010
So I got my gen one 3ds this Christmas first ever 3ds I've owned and immediately fell in love with it connected it to my network without a hitch went on the eshop downloaded a pokemon x update used the pokemon gts system everything worked great.

But the past few days things havn't been running overly smooth, I created a Nintendo Id as prompted and since then I've been having problems.

Gts takes a few attempts to work and the eshop doesn't load at all.

Every now and then I might get to the log in screen on the shop but then I just get a error occurred message.

I've restarted my router changed settings changed them back as per the troubleshooting page and still I have these problems.

I'm wondering if the issue is with the ninty network has anyone else in the UK had issues recently?.

Every other device connected to my router works and when I run connection tests on the 3ds its say successful all the time.

Can any one help.

Many thanks

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