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    Jul 17, 2007
    I'm currently looking for new speakers as my old ones broke and I just found out they were crappy anyway according to reviews. I thought they were amazing myself but now I am looking for a replacement, can anyone enlighten me? I pretty much know nothing about them but I'm after 2.1 channel speakers. I want it for general TV viewing and when I plug it into my laptops headphone jack for listening to music. This might sound dumb but it has to have a headphone jack!

    Edit: This item looks interesting.

    "Three-piece system hooks up easily to PCs, CD and MP3 players" - does this mean I can just plug the headphone jack (if it has one) from the subwoofer straight into anything which has a headphone port? It says it easily hooks up to MP3 players so that surely means it can hook up via headphone port? I don't want anything to do with the white, yellow and red cables that come with it because I wouldn't know what to do with 'em!

    I'm a bit of a speaker technophile you see. [​IMG]