New project under development -- In need of coding assistance

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by tripellex, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I'm working on a new project for an advanced USB Loader/database-driven menu system and game jukebox interface. The project is called Juke3 and will feature a whole plethora of game information for each game selected. Since I have no real coding skills myself, I will be handing the interface graphic design and database development. I need a few interested coders and maybe someone to help me with database information gathering. Contact me via PM if you are interested in contributing. SERIOUS INQUIRIES FROM EXPERIENCED CODERS ONLY, PLEASE.

    Below is a project synopsis for interested developers to look at:


    Project Name: Juke3 (Juke Squared...or JukeBox. Get it? Har har. I made a funny.)

    Scope: Create a new Game Jukebox-type homebrew application with skinnable interface, based off Wani's USB Loader 1.1 source.


    * Database-driven game information repository. Should contain GameID, GameName, Format (USA, Japan, Europe), TagLine, GameType (Action, Sports, etc) ReleaseDate, ShortDesc, LongDesc, Rating, ESRBRating, ReqHardWare (Nunchuk, Wii Fit Board, WiiZapper, etc), CoverImg, ScreenShot1, ScreenShot2, ScreenShot3. Cover images and screenshots stored as Blobs, or possibly as PNGs in /juke3/images/covers/ and /juke3/images/screens/, respectively. Database read from SD card under /juke3/db/ folder.

    * RSS Feed-enabled using WiFi to pull reviews from game sites or Amazon.

    * Skinnable interface, with skins stored in /juke3/skins/ folder. Include 3-4 custom skins with package, allow users to add their own.

    * Parental Controls for locking certain games based off ESRBRating table column.

    * View/Sort by Name (GameName), Category (GameType) in primary list.

    * Ocarina support (read from /codes/ folder)...if codes found, press button to apply.

    * Force NTSC/PAL option (hold D-pad button up for NTSC, down for PAL).

    Mock-up image of element placement

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    i like your ideas and i like your mockup. however i don't think we need an other gui project. i think my ten fingers aren't enough to count the number of guis in development. the most promising is the one created by mousex and bubba. you might want to get in contact with them. they are in developing process for a new usb loader gui. you can find their thread here:
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    Call me silly, but if you read from left to right (like in all Wesetrn countries), then the image should be flipped with the list on the left and everything else on the right.
  4. lavamasta

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    love this idea!, i could help with this as a tester to find out the bugs and stuff, but i dont know about coding too much. ive tested out a few apps for bugs and crap while in alpha/beta and have helped out lots in each of them. i would be looking for every possible bug there could be and report them to the coders and yourself. i hope u will accept me [​IMG]
    edit: another suggestion would be to maybe have the abilty to load this app from system boot. that may have to be an added preloader hack.
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    Agreed, but to me he focusing more on the media than the gamelist. Because of this, it would be placed to the left because of a lesser importance. Keep in mind that he did say it was skinnable, though...