New DS coming out in Japan

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    Sorry if this has already been discussed already but this not a rumor. Nintendo is launching the DSi LL (that could be a typo and they were trying to write ll but used capital letters instead) on November 21. From what what my wife read on the website, the only difference is that the screen is now 4.2 inches compared to the DSi's 3.25 inches. The stylus has also been redesigned to a shape like some fancy fountain pen but looks easier to hold to and more comortable ergonomically rather than the tiny twig. Colors will be Wine Red, Dark Brown and Natural White. Judging by the choice of colors, I guess they are going for a more sophisticated look. I think they should make the DS's in normal, bright colors. The colors you get in your first box of crayons...but that's just my opinion... In Japan, the price tag is 20,000 yen [​IMG] (around $200). Dunno what it's gonna cost in the U.S.;DSi%20LL
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    Its been discussed allot. But its fine,just try to search next time.
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