NES Mini portable screen issue

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    Jun 11, 2017
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    I have a project to make my NES Mini portable (without forking out loads of money) but my problem is getting the resolution on the screen right.
    The monitor I have displays at 800x480, but doesn't have speakers. To get around this, I use an audio extractor (HDMI in, HDMI + 3.5mm audio out).
    But when I use the extractor, it forces a much higher resolution out and there's a lot of image missing.
    I even bought a different extractor that supports 480p resolutions but it still outputs too big.


    Running through an extractor.


    Running without extractor, it fits (although not centred and sometimes with lines on the right)

    So is there a way to fix this? I know this is a very specific issue but I've reached the limits of my knowledge and finances so I'm stuck with what I have :3

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