NES Controller for SNES/Retro Duo console (Help needed)

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    Hey Gamers! I recently went out and purchased a Retro Duo system and many NES games. The console works perfectly and the games I got are in top notch condition. The only problem is are the god awful D-PADS on the Retro-Duo controllers.

    Anyways, I have seen pictures and other posts about people soldering and splicing the cords and it works perfectly. I figured I'd come here and ask because their doesn't seem to be a thread of this lately anywhere in the past year or two.

    I have a couple of pictures and I need some help figuring out which wires go where, it would be easier if I had an official Nintendo NES controller. I have a replica that feels, looks and hold exactly the same though. Only difference is the inside is a bit different.

    I just want to be able to use my NES controller for the SNES/Retro Duo :)

    Retro Duo Controller (These Cords will be spliced or Solder to the NES cords):


    Replicated NES Controller:

    Thanks for any help at all! EDIT:: Not sure why the pictures came upside down and sideways, lol, they are perfectly fine on my computer?