Need someone with the ability to monitor bandwidth on a router level..

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    First of all, this is in Computers and Technology because it's not possible to do this on PS3, please leave it here.

    I am moving somewhere with 87kb/s internet soon, and I need someone that can monitor bandwidth on a router level to help me. I need to know exactly how much kb/s the PS3 takes when just idling on the XMB but connected to PSN, as well as some games. Modnation Racers is prefered, but if you don't have it, I'll take any multiplayer game measurments you an get.
    One thing though, please disable all voice chatting before measuring, I know for a fact that would up the bandwidth, and with 87kb/s max, I need to save all I can.

    If you have the ability, please measure how much kb/s various PSN games take when playing, with voice chat turned entirely off.

    I'd really appreciate some help here, as my router is not compatible with the bandwidth measuring tools you can find on various websites.