Gaming need help with disc loader gecko/gamma


Jan 30, 2008
United States
okay, here's the story: i offered to hack my friends 3.3u wii, i got hb channel working but at that time i can barely install any wads.. it gives me ret- -2011 error reading or failed to install, this includes some ios/cios' and wiiware wads also, i cant even downgrade it. cios downgrader just resets the wii. at the brink of giving up i decided to just upgrade it to 3.4u and then downgraded it to 3.2u so now, i got to install some of the necessary ios and cios and got a wiiware game wad running but the problem now is the gamma loader. whenever i start it from the wii channel it just turns black and stays there. when i start it from the hb channel (with the default settings) it stays at the loading game for a very long time, and then itll show the game id and stuff and then no codes selected and stuff but then it just freezes there and i noticed my wii remote disconnects. am i missing anything here? or did i do something wrong? i followed a lot of tutorials and stuff already or is there something wrong with their wii? this the 2nd wii i had major problems with.. but i hacked 2 other wii's straight out of the box with no problems whatsoever.. so yea.. lol i need help.

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