Need help playing .wad files on Wii U Homebrew - Looking for a tutorial

Discussion in 'Wii U - Homebrew' started by Kevinstan, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Jan 24, 2019
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    Can anyone direct me to a simple step by step walk through for playing .wad files? Also I need some explanation on installing using Wii U or Wii menu ? I have read that installing the wrong ones will brick the Wii U. How can I tell which is which before installing?
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    If you haven't already done so you must mod your vWii.

    How to tell? One name Priiloader avoid it like the plague or you will brick your vWii.

    All other HB except Riiconnect24 (support reasons) work fine. As for official games that's a 100%.

    Out of region content still requires gecko or to be loaded via USB Loader GX or Wiiflow.

    Custom HBC forwarders and the Photo Channel have there own mess of steps to go through though. I don't use either so you're gonna read up on those.

    Installing just requires Wad manager.
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    it can brick your vWii mode (not WiiU) if you install a game with a bad animated banner.
    but, it's now possible to edit vWii content directly from the WiiU mode, so if you install a bad wad you can always remove it and get your vWii working again.

    if you ever brick vWii by installing a WAD : NEVER guess ! ask for help and WAIT for an answer. guessing is the worst thing you can do and you'll end messing more than fixing it.

    If you want, there's another wad manager :

    I don't know if modlite has all the fixes and works on AHB or cIOS. So, use wiimodlite or YAWMM-mod, that's up to you. as long as it works.

    vWii is limited to 512MB, and 48 titles max.
    if you need more space, there are other solutions (emuNAND), but it can be more complicated and less compatible.
    the advantage is that it's extra safe, you never install anything to vWii.
    if needed, we can later cover it. for now, wad manager is enough.
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