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    Hopefully from Europe if possible.

    I have an American red New 3DS XL and my boyfriend dropped it so the L button was busted, I tried to open it but one screw was also busted so I had no choice (stupid I Know) to remove the cover and break the screw.
    I was successful however the back cover plastic took off the little gray nub from the touchscreen connected and nearly cut the entire ribbon cable, so basically the touchscreen connector got damaged.
    I tried attaching the touchscreen ribbon cable and the touch screen works but without the little nub it won't stay fixed.

    So A. I need to buy a replacement red N3DS XL back cover and the infrared plastic part since that got damaged too and B. I need someone to replace the touchscreen connector since I don't have the proper tools and I think I suffer from arthritis.

    Thank you very much.

    EDIT: The L button was just stuck, its fully functional.
    EDIT2: Touchscreen works just fine however I had to bend the pins and attach the ribbon cable with a pair of tweezers and fixing it with electric black tape
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