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    Aug 27, 2018
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    1) Two cousins live in different states. If I mod my 2ds xl and than visit my cousin can I use the flashcart and mod their 2ds xl, or do we both need our own flashcarts. I do not want to go through the multi flash using another ds. I want to just learn the 1 method and mod both DS's, not learn a new method for the second DS.

    2) Another question I am unsure about is, do I put the different files onto my 32gb micro sd card? I don't need to put any files onto the flashcart? Does the flashcart have an sd card in it?

    3)This part in the 3ds hack guide is this what I need to do to reuse the flashcart?

    The following is an optional section that will allow you to restore your flashcart to its original state (to allow it to be used for its standard functions).

    What is the standard functions?

    Thanks for your help
  2. zacchi4k

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    Feb 6, 2015
    1) you can use the same ntrboot card with as many 3DS systems as you like
    2) if you already have a modded console and are going to use the 3DS ntrboot flasher, you don't need any files on the flashcart's mSD. Although some carts do require a mSD to be inserted to be recognized, but it's just a few (eg the R4SDHC Dual Core)
    3) that section is if you want to restore the cart to be able to play DS games again
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