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    Dec 6, 2014
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    So I've been playing around with injected NDS games using Loadiine, and it really bothers me that the NDS VC player doesn't allow you to remap the buttons, specifically the ZL and ZR buttons. Other consoles, for example, N64, do, and there's even a .ini file in the ./content folder for the N64 VC that lets you change the default buttons.

    I'm looking to find a similar file within the NDS VC titles, since there's no other way to change the buttons, and they have to be initialized somewhere. I haven't had any luck by myself though, and I was hoping the community could help me figure out how to change them manually.

    NDS VC titles have a few .json files (most of which appear to be recycled and unused for the most part), a few plaintext '.scene' files, and a few lua scripts. I've looked through all of these, and I couldn't find an obvious way to change the buttons. I'm hoping they aren't hardcoded into the .rpx, as that would make it very difficult (albeit not impossible) to change.

    If you want to look through these yourself, either dump the content folder of a NDS game using TCPGecko (or if they end up being hardcoded in the .rpx, you'll need to get that with Dumpiine), or get them from somewhere else.

    Any help is appreciated!
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