NBA Jam (2010): Unlock Team Sprite, Team Adidas, Team Jordan, "Old Shaq", and more…

NBA Jam (2010): Unlock Team Sprite, Team Adidas, Team Jordan, "Old Shaq", and more…

Below are the steps I took with a softmodded Wii console. These steps can likely be adapted to work on vWii, Dolphin, PS3, XBox 360, etc. There are probably other ways of accomplishing the same thing on the Wii console, but I couldn't get it to work when I involved WiiScrubber or Wii Backup Fusion in any of my attempts – consequences included a failure to unlock certain Privileges and/or Achievements combined with save game files being ignored or a black screen upon launching the game.

IMPORTANT: After downloading any of the tools mentioned below, right-click on the downloaded EXE or ZIP file, go to properties, and unblock the file (if it is blocked). Unblock before extracting a ZIP file.

1) Install Total Commander v9.51 – just makes using the command prompt (CMD) easier for me.

2) Install Wiimms ISO Tools (WIT) v3.02a (Cygwin version).

3) Reboot the computer. I know you don’t want to, but just do it.

4) Open Total Commander as an administrator and navigate to the folder where the NBA Jam WBFS file exists (other formats supported, too, but you’ll need to change your WIT syntax).

5) Type "cmd" (without quotes) into the field at the bottom of Total Commander and press Enter.

6) Type "wit extract your_file_name.wbfs NBA_Jam" (without quotes and with your actual file name) in the command prompt and press Enter. WIT will extract the WBFS file into a subfolder named NBA_Jam.

7) I deleted my original WBFS file at this point, but you should just move it somewhere else in case something goes wrong.

8) Open Madden DB Editor v2.5 (aka Madden NFL DB Editor 2019), and use it to open bounce.db, which is located under \NBA_Jam\files\data\rev\database\.

9) Select Table 14 (aka Team Table), "dxSB", in the left pane (The file bounce-meta.xml in the same folder refers to this table as "BSxd". All Table names and Field names are listed backwards in Madden DB Editor v2.5).

10) Sort the table by Category by clicking on the "jPMu" (or "uMPj") column header. Teams in Category "0" in column "jPMu" ("uMPj") should already be unlocked with a "1" in the "gAPY" ("YPAg") column. Unlock the remaining playable teams by changing "0" to "1" in the "gAPY" ("YPAg") column. In other words, unlock all Category "2" teams of column "jPMu" ("uMPj") by placing a "1" in their corresponding "gAPY" ("YPAg") fields, except for the non-playable “Legend” and “Placeholder” teams (you will see the team names in an adjacent column).

11) Select Table 9 (aka Player Table), "jJCm" ("mCJj"), in the left pane.

12) Unlock all players by changing any "0" in the "gAPY" ("YPAg") column to "1".

13) Sort the table by Team ID, "mCXg" ("gXCm"). Scroll down to players in Team ID "40" (Placeholder team). Change the Team ID to move them to playable teams. I dumped them all on Team Jordan for now by changing "40" to "53". You can figure out what Team ID belongs to each team based on the players’ names you see in the table. Alternatively, you can go back to Table 14, "dxSB" ("BSXd"), and look at the ID column, which is "CkjP" ("PjkC"), and the column that has the corresponding team name (it might be easier to sort this out by exporting Table 14 to CSV from Madden DB Editor v2.5).

Hidden Placeholder Team Players:
"Old" Shaq – Game files refer to the non-hidden one as "Young_Shaq"
Two (2) Josh Howards
Ramon Sessions
Thaddeus Young
Jermaine O'Neal
Tayshaun Prince
Spencer Hawes
Tyson Chandler
Tracy McGrady
Nate Robinson
Hedo Turkoglu
Jose Calderon
Shane Battier
Al Harrington
Randy Foye
Al Jefferson
Al Thornton
Rik Smits

14) Table 9 (aka Player Table), "jJCm" ("mCJj"), can also be used to change player abilities, height, etc (I may or may not have maxed out Kobe Bryant’s abilities for my son and given Larry Johnson a slight boost for my daughter, but I’ll never admit it outright to you). Open bounce-meta.xml (same folder as bounce.db) with Notepad. Press Ctrl+F to search for >name="player"< (without the chevrons). Under that, you will see which columns of the Player Table belong to which attributes. REMEMBER: The column names will be backwards in Madden DB Editor v2.5.

15) Save and close bounce.db. Close bounce-meta.xml (there should have been no changes).

16) I could not unlock Privileges (aka Game Options like Unlimited Turbo or Mini Men) by editing .db files. This can still be done the way many others have done it in the past. First, navigate to \NBA_Jam\files\data\common\overachiever\ and open BounceProject.xml with Notepad. Turn off Word Wrap in Notepad if it is turned on.

17) Replace unlock Triggers and Conditions with something that is easy to do. For some reason, I couldn't make unlocking as simple as "dunking a basketball once" as I've read that others have. However, setting the unlocks to Jam Camp completion did work (once I completed Jam Camp of course, which is quicker than completing a game).

Original (but not actual) Code Example:
    <Rule name="Remix Modes: MiniMing" category="164" id="3664150665" description="Shrink Ming to his smallest size" priority="low">
        <Trigger name="SOMETHING_WICKED_HARD" />
        <Group required="ALL">
          <Expression value="CEQI(GETD(eCatGeneral,GAME_MODE),&quot;broken_game_feature&quot;)" />
          <Expression value="CEQI(GETD(eCatGeneral,GAME_MODE),&quot;another_broken_game_feature&quot;)" />
          <Expression value="CEQI(GETD(eCatGeneral,GAME_MODE),&quot;works_on_xbox&ps3_but_not_wii&quot;)" />
New (actual) Code Example:
    <Rule name="Remix Modes: MiniMing" category="164" id="3664150665" description="Shrink Ming to his smallest size" priority="low">
        <Trigger name="GAME_COMPLETE" />
        <Group required="ALL">
          <Expression value="CEQI(GETD(eCatGeneral,GAME_MODE),&quot;config_tutorial_shoving&quot;)" />
Basically, you are replacing everything between the "<Rule name..." line and the "</Rule>" line with the middle lines of the “New” example above (from “<TriggerList>” to “</Condition>”). You can also unlock Achievements the same way. To unlock them all, you would need to change the rules with names including "Hand Holders", "Grinders", "Elite", "Classic Campaign", "Remix Modes", "Remix Campaign", and "Achievement" (not Achievement Helper). Don't get complacent or you'll break the game by changing "Presentation", "Bookkeeping", "Online", or other rules. Alternatively, you might be able to unlock Privileges & Achievements with a save game file, but I did not test this with the modified bounce.db.

18) Save and close BounceProject.xml.

19) Go back to the command prompt (CMD). Type "wit copy NBA_Jam your_file_name.wbfs" (without quotes and with your desired file name) and press Enter. WIT will create the new WBFS file.

20) Use WIT or Wii Backup Manager to copy the WBFS game file to your USB drive. I have tested the modified NBA Jam using USB Loader GX without NAND Emu Save and with both cIOS 249 base 57 v10 beta52 and cIOS 250 base 56 v10 beta52 (yes; I run base 57 in my default slot, 249, because my kids have so many different Just Dance games that need 57 and only Tangled & something else that run better with 56). I don’t run d2x-v10-beta53-alt because I am unaware of any compatibility advantages.

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