NAS RAID ? what should I buy?

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    Hello I am going to buy an nas raid some time and use HDD's in the raid, I don't know what to look for at all. I am completely new could some one give me a break down on it. What system tools do you need for it, what options are there for hard drives and what NAS do I need, all that good stuff please!

    I want this NAS for hyperspin/emulation on a few computers about the house, and computer games.

    The other thing I want it for is webman on the ps3, so I can run games off the NAS on the ps3.

    I am looking at a big sized raid - just for hyperspin I will need about 30tb, I did see a hyperspin build that was 24tb so the xtra should be good. PS3 should be a good few TB's as well.

    What raid number should I use for this size, would raid 10 be good. What is the best place to buy from? who is the best maker of NAS? who is the best maker of the right HDD?:unsure:
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    WD Red are perfect for NAS servers.

    I'd personally say go for mirror RAID.
    It halves your capacity but keeps a 1:1 backup on the other disks.
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    Hyperspin is a new one to me, so I might try researching it sometime.

    HDD is easy, since there are only two choices worth considering. Either WD Red series, or Seagate Ironwolf series. Both are arguably as good as each other.

    The two biggest players in NAS are QNAP and Synology. If you want reviews and comparisons between them, a couple YouTube channels you can look at are NASCompares and SPANdotCOM.

    As for choosing which NAS is right for you, there are many factors. Needs, specs, features, and extras (like hypervisor/virtualisation, multimedia encoders/streamers, expandability via PCIe cards, etc).

    A couple tips I heard is to find one with at least one M.2 drive for fast caching. Also if you are going to be scaling your NAS up over time, pick one with at least 5 drive bays and use storage pools instead of RAID to add greater flexibility whilst still retaining redundancy. The rest all depends on your needs and how you’ll use the NAS.
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    This is what NAS I am looking at.
    Synology Disk Station DS2415+ 12-Bay Diskless NAS Server - SATA 6Gb/s

    with 8tb ironwolf's because their prices are good today, it should be a about 3-4 months then I will have the build with 4 8tb's or whats good at the time - in it.

    I am lost on the networking I hope youtube can tell me what I need to know in a min.