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    I hope this is in the right section, and I searched for it but couldn't find a post about this, so hopefully I'm not asking questions other ppl have already asked. I have bootmii, when i go to backup it says this:
    BackupMii v0.6, NAND ID : ecdc1095
    f_write(otp) short : 0 bytes
    Short write to block 0 : 0 bytes
    Backup Failed: -1

    It did this a few time, and on like my 4th try it seemed like it was working, it went through and processed all the blocks, then when it got to the end all the blocks turned block and it said each block's number and that that process had failed on each block and that each block was bad.
    Idk if im doing something wrong? Or if I have a bad chip? But any suggestions would help [​IMG] thanks
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    Sep 12, 2009
    sounds like ur SD card is incompatible, locked or full

    try a different card, make sure there is approx 600MB of free space and that its not locked

    edit: also, try to avoid SDHC cards, just use a regular SD card is possible