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    Okay so I am watching a video on how to backup my wii nand I think I get it...

    But what do you do from there????

    I don't get it so everytime you turn on your Wii, BootMii comes up... then where does the nand take place? How does the nand make your Wii unbricked?? what happens next say the sd card with ur wii nand is in the wii and bootmii loads up what happens next? it makes it so you can go to the normal system menue? and therefore fixing your brick..

    Also if your wii isnt even bricked and BootMii pops up when you turn it on what do you do??? is there an option/button "Go to normal Wii System Menu" or something if ur wii isnt bricked

    BootMii conffuses me please help
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    Bootmii has two main options, System Menu and HBC. There's also an options button from where you can backup or restore your NAND. The NAND is the Wii's system memory. A NAND Backup is an exact duplicate of your system memory at the time of the backup. If you brick, you can go into Bootmii options and restore your NAND, thus allowing you to recover your Wii.
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    The NAND is basically a backup of your wii per se, you can use it to restore to the settings you had when you made the NAND. So if you brick your wii you can use the NAND to restore it. If you don't want BootMii to pop either take out the SD card or press reset when the BootMii menu comes up.
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    Another troll?

    NAND is a type of flash memory (Like an SD card). Its basically the wii's "hard drive". A NAND backup is a backup of the entire memory. (Its only 512mb). If you restore the backup using bootmii EVERYTHING on your wii will be EXACTLY the same as when you made the backup. If you have bootmii installed as boot2 then you can restore your NAND dump if you ever brick your wii. (boot2 is launched before the system menu).