N3DS (non-XL) bottom display in europe / parts scarce?

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    Apr 8, 2016
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    Hi guys,

    based on my other thread and my search for a replacement bottom screen for my N3DS (non-XL, european) I wanted to ask if it's just me or are basically all replacement parts for the N3DS very rare or non-existent?
    I've come across displays for the XL and some other things but practically nothing for the normal N3DS.
    I've also found lots of stuff for the O3DS but that's obviously not compatible..

    I have on offer for a replacement bottom display (without digitizer) for the N3DS and it's 65€ whereas a replacement for an XL bottom display is about 25€ or so.
    Is this normal; is it because they are so scarce or is the supply being kept low to increase prices because the US only got the XL?

    If anybody has a lead on a european shop that sells bottom displays (without the digitizer) for the N3DS (non-XL) please let me know.

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