Hardware Can anyone help/offer advice on a screen issue?


Aug 4, 2015
United States
Cross-posting here with my reddit thread :)

tl;dr - I was putting a usb-c port into my n3ds xl and at some point during reassembly, it seems like the top lcd ribbon cable died. while trying to fix that, the locking latch for the touchscreen also broke, and I'm not sure what my next move should be.

hi folks, as stated above I was putting a usb-c port into my n3ds xl and that part went well. the port works and charges like normal. however, when I turned the system back on, the top lcd wasn't displaying video. after seeing that, I went to reseat the ribbon cables that go to the top screen and noticed what's in the picture on one of the cables. when I was looking at it last night I thought it was gray or black, but upon further inspection today, it's actually transparent. does that mean that that specific contact came out of the cable somewhere? my research leads me to believe is the cable for the top display.

I can see the backlight turn on when the other screen does, and it stays on while the console is on, but it just doesn't display video. all my buttons are working, sound is working, and the camera app can open, but neither camera seems to take any pictures in the system's current state.

the second part of my issues; touch was working until the last time that I reassembled and I broke the latch for the digitizer ribbon cable and now it just doesn't seem to connect as it needs to.

what should my next move be here? obviously getting a new console would be a bit disappointing, especially considering the work that went into the usb-c mod that I did, but its a last resort if there's nothing that can be done.

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