My story on experience on selecting case for NDS Lite

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    Dec 9, 2008
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    I know this is just my story. But I want to share it to all of you and hope you can select a desirable case for your NDS Lite.

    You may remember that day you bought your NDS Lite. Most shop will insist to persuade you to buy a carrying case for your lovely case. Indeed, carrying case is a must needed item for NDS Lite. But see what case bundled with the console? A very normal pouch bag. Unfortunately, I bought one from them. But guess what happen in the next days. The bag is so rubbish that it can not well protect my console. What is more, the white color is so easy to be dirty. I threw it to trash bin, and I never believed those people who are promoting their pouch bag for NDS Lite. After that I know what action I have to take before choosing a good case for my console.

    What purpose you want when buying a NDSL case? If you just want a good-structure bag to protect your Nintendo ds Lite, you can choose those ones which have think shell within sponge cloths inside. These kind of case have a very good protection to your console. EVA carrying case for NDS Lite or Airform pouch bag could be your top choice.

    But if you want your case look out-standing from others, you can turn to those one which have fashionable aspects. For example, some manufacturer have made out some case which have some Game character printed on the surface of the case. Even more, some cute cartoons character said "Hello Kitty" On Chinese embroidery embroidery case. Of cause, this case is more expensive.

    Personaly, I perfer those case with fashion better. What is your favorite carrying case for NDS Lite?