My Rant On Gateway

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  1. RyDog

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    Now before I begin, this is all my opinion that I have gathered from others. I don't own a gateway, and I don't plan on owning a Gateway anytime soon.

    Now for starters. Why are their prices so god damned high? Free alternatives arise on the firmware version that they only work on, yet their price is of the price of a 2DS. They have most definitely lost their hype once the CFW era has arose. At the time when 3DS was still new and there were little to no exploits, they were the first flashcart to allow "backups" Sure, it was awesome at the time, but it required a 4.2 3DS in order for it to boot.

    Then came other flashcarts and their infamous brick code. I read that it encrypts your NAND if you use their software on a unverified cart. Why couldn't they hard code the software into their carts? Instead of having the Launcher.dat boot from the SD card to read games off the micro SD card, have it so the firmware is inside the cart, and the Launcher.dat can update the firmware and it will brick the cart if it's on a unverified cart. That way the flashcart seller who tried making cheap copy and paste code will be the one who is in fault.

    Cheating and what they should do about it. Cheating is really the only reason this cart is good. It's got the best cheat menu, but they're using Action Replay's old cheating system, that I wouldn't doubt they copied and pasted the code from Action Replay. So, they're theoretically just a $70 action replay that can load .3ds roms. NTR CFW is a free alternative and however it's inferior now and requires knowledge of C to port/create codes, I wouldn't doubt that someone revamps it or creates a new one that is better than Gateway. Hell, if Gateway released a cart that was cheaper and only allowed cheating, I would buy it in a heart beat because Action Replay is always a good way to have fun in the game once it's complete :P

    Their poor attempt to keep up with the scene is also a big problem. We can boot sysNAND cfw now... however, Gateway still hasn't come up with a way to utilize it. You still have to use emuNAND with it.
    Also, Gateway will never work on latest firmware. You need a arm9 exploit to use it, so those stuck on 9.3+ (or 11.0+ if you want to say downgrade) they can't utilize the cart until there is a new arm9 exploit for them to utilize, or they have to downgrade. They could make their cart like Sky3DS where users can play backups on the latest version, and if they're on 9.2, they can utilize the CFW and cheat and other stuff.
    That's my two cents... so I'd like to know, what do you have to complain about Gateway?
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    nope. bougth since they had monopoly and everyting is okay. Every game worked without a single exeption and updates for new emunands were released in time, so I never had to wait to play anything. It takes a few click to boot via DS profile, but it never really bothered me, since most of time 3DS is in sleep mode anyway.
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    If Gateways cheat system was so goddamn simple ("copy & pasted from Action Replay"), why don't we see someone else implement it?

    You also missed the boat on A9LH Gateway, I'm using my Gateway on SysNAND with A9LH, Luma3DS and 11.1 for quite a while now.

    What exactly are you complaining about in your rant? I don't quite get it.
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  4. metroid maniac

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    May 16, 2009
    I'm pretty sure Gateway .bin payloads exist for running from a9lh. Though I have heard mixed things about their own "fastboot" implementation of a9lh, and the pretty dangerous oversight of a lack of FIRM protection.
  5. Wuigi

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    Sep 14, 2012
    You make some valid points that I can completely understand, but you got some facts mixed up:
    1. They can't hardcode it in the cart. Otherwise they couldn't update the launcher anymore and talented enough people could still find a way to dump the content of the chip on the cart where the firmware lies.
    2.How could they copy paste code from Action Replay that is closed source and highly architecture dependent? Maybe a bit how the cheat system is organized, but I wouldn't call that copying.
    3.They can in fact boot sysNAND. They don't recommend it as they're a9lh implementation is not that good, but if one wants to use it, it's possible.
  6. iQue

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    Jul 10, 2013
    Nothing ...if it was not for the Gateway 3DS, the 3DS scene would not have taken off like it did.
  7. Arck

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    Mar 13, 2016
    Gateway can boot in sysnand since the version 3.2.1 (01/05/2015)

    And why do you say they copy/paste old action replay source code ???
    It's not open source and it have old bug fixed which they wasn't from AR.
    Edit: ninja'd

    And it's like the DS scene, no flashcard, no pircay :P
    Now it's worst for Nintendo because now piracy is free for everyone

    And if they steal code from the community, it's nothing compared to the big "fuck you" to Nintendo for this card...
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    You don't own one. Wtf? Your opinion you gathered from others? Do you think everyone cares about your , not your, opinion? Gateway was the first on 9.2 as well. Before a cfw. You don't even have all your facts straight. Also it runs on system nand. In A9LH. So you are wrong again OP. People always complain. Here's what you really meant,"I can't afford a gateway,waaaah!" Gateway is great. I don't care about the bricking code. If people weren't trying to utilize gateway code in non gateway product they would be fine. Gateway gives you cheats and a way to utilize a second sd for games.awesome. thanks to gw I have a second 64gb sd in my 3ds. Opinions should be formed from experience and fact not assumption and rumor. so you can pretend you have an opinion but you are just lying to yourself. It's not even your opinion. Try one first. They work. And serve a purpose. And gateway was first. Before cfw,sky etc.
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  9. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    I'm dual-booting both Luma 3DS and Gateway, both using A9LH.
  10. ZoNtendo

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    May 25, 2015
    Yeah the OP have a weird way to work...
  11. el_gonz87

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    Aug 24, 2016
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    Gateway A9LH = Brickway!
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  12. mikefor20

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    Jan 12, 2009
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    El gonz. Have you tried a gateway? I am guessing no. So your opinion = shit. Just saying.
  13. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    The OP isn't wrong (well, except about A9LH - you can use regular A9LH with Gateway), but the join date of 2015 is revealing. I think many newer people simply don't remember the days before free CFW, before Luma or even rxTools and Pasta. There was a time when Gateway was literally the ONLY method available to end users, due to devs sitting on their own private CFWs. Gateway seems overpriced and irrelevent now because the scene has moved on, but the current abundance of free CFW was not always the norm.
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  14. InsaneNutter

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    That's like me going on Amazon and reviewing a book based on looking at the front cover... your totally missing the point. You won't get the point because you never used a Gateway when it was relevant and the best solution at the time.

    Look at the updates the Gateway card has received:

    Over 3 years ago Gateway could play roms, nothing else could at the time:

    Version 1.0 (2013-08-xx)
    • Plays 3DS ROMs
    • One ROM per microSD
    • Cartridge is region free
    Then by the end of 2013 Gateway has Emunand support, along with support for newer games, nothing else could at the time.

    Version 2.0b1 (2013-12-01)
    • Added support for games using SDK5+
    • Added a GUI menu displayed by holding L button down when booting Launcher.dat
    • Added EmuNAND support.
    • ROMs support with EmuNAND normal
    • Retail cartridge support with EmuNAND Classic
    • eShop support with EmuNAND normal and classic
    • Supported EmuNAND System version: v4.1.0 to v6.3.0, NATIV_FIRM v7712 (4.1.0), v8758 (5.0.0), v9792(5.1.0), v10833 (6.0.0), v11872 (6.1.0).

    Over a year later at the start of 2015 you still had no Emunand with free CFW or any ability to play roms without investing in a flash cart... so that's already a year and a half Gateway has been relevant, long before you had even signed up on GBATemp...

    Gateway is not really that relevant today like it once was, however regardless of that Gateway have stood by their product and supported it for over three years, with the last update been released just a couple of weeks ago.

    Now that's a lot of support, you don't get that with most mobile phones and it's certainly been supported longer than any CFW for the 3DS still been developed today. I'm not saying Gateway is better than the free solutions out there, however for people who used it back when it was the only solution / best solution it has certainly been a good product.

    I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve by posting a rant on something you have never used, which was mainly relevant before you were even a member of GBATemp?
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  15. ZoNtendo

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    May 25, 2015
    yeah now new people didn't knew old good time, there was (almost) only serious posts at the Gateway time
    now there is mostly kids on the temp, and for now it's like "free gamz pls", meme trash, "I talk about thing I don't understand" ect...

    I miss good old time :(
  16. TheBroCode

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    Oct 31, 2012
    Hit the nail on the head.
  17. Temarile

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    Jan 7, 2016
    Stopped reading right there. Why give your opinion about something that you don't even own or deal with anyway? It's not your problem at all if you don't own a gateway. Thank you very much.
  18. TechyTurtle

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    Jan 23, 2016
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    MY ASS!
    Oh my GOD people are now gonna treat gateway like rxtools:P
  19. Just3DS

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    Jan 31, 2015
    I have GW since 2014 and still use it on N3DS XL (it is my main get-go console), I also have an O3DS XL with A9LH v1 and GW payload but I also use GW on it from time to time by swapping my GW Red cart from N3DS XL with games that I don't have installed in O3DS XL yet. I find it easier than bothering to wait and install same game, it is still as simple as normal game carts.

    So yeah for me and probably for most of us GW is still relevant. You haven't even tried it so don't complain.

    EDIT: Bought GW soon after they added multirom support, I had O3DS that time. Also back in 2015 I had another O3DS console with firmware 7.x that had new encryption for parental lock thing. Luckily GW had downgrade feature that saved me. No other downgrade solution was present that time.
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  20. metroid maniac

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    May 16, 2009
    "Palantine" CFW was available by the end of 2015 if memory serves.
    Though that was a shoddy and incomplete work, and a Gateway was still far and away the superior option.
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