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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Antics, Oct 1, 2009.

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    May 30, 2009
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    First off, screw Nintendo for their epic fail. My favorite part is they began bricking Wiis while trying to remove brick protection...XD

    Anyways, I modded my friend Shawn's Wii quite a while ago. Updated to 4.0u, trucha IOS60, cIOS 222,223, 249.
    He called me today while I was at school;
    "I got a letter from Nintendo saying there was an update"
    "Please tell me you didn't.."
    "*ten seconds of silence*"

    You get the picture.
    Anyways, I grabbed my copy of Brawl and decided to have a go at restoring his Wii to it's once former glory.

    Smash Stack to LoadMii, attempt HackMii 0.5, no go. No vulnerable IOSes
    LoadMii once again, but this time to TBR; code dump.
    LoadMii once more, Wad Manager, install a CiosCorp copy of IOS60....success.... :wtf:
    LoadMii into Any Title Deleter, delete the stub IOSes of 222, 223, 249, etc. so I could reinstall them.
    LoadMii into cIOS installer with IOS60, install rev 14.
    LoadMii into Wad Manager with IOS249, reinstall older Nintendo version of IOS15 (for BootMii) and System Menu 4.0u.
    BannerBomb into BootMii, it says it can be installed as Boot2. (I thought only Nintendo could do any large modification to Boot2? It let me install BootMii on v4...Or, am I mistaken and all that matters is the Boot1 exploit for BootMii install? :/)

    Long story short, its back to normal with 4.2u officially gone thanks to a NAND backup.

    My concern here is, am I missing something? How the hell did it let me install a cIOS60 in wad form?
    Doesn't that exploit the trucha bug, which, Nintendo surely has fully patched in (or prior to) 4.2?

    I just though that perhaps I would voice my experiences.

    On a side note,
    after the hell I went through attempting different methods of fixing this issue, I will happily say that I will never update any Wii past 4.0 ever again, nor will any of my friends. Nintendo attempted to fix homebrew and in their wake, left many legitimate users without Wiis.
    I'm actually quite interested in watching their stock the next few weeks to see if it drops due to warranty repairs.

    (Oh, and thanks to the creators of all the programs I used! You all make owning a Wii worth it)
  2. flusflus89

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    Apr 12, 2009
    I've been to all topics since the 4.2 began and from what I've seen a exploitable boot1 is really all that's needed to get the rest rolling. TT also rewrote the code to boot2v4 due to Nintendo's version being too buggy.
    Anyway, congrats for bringing a Wii unit back from the homebrew graveyard. Now just so I understand: you actually managed to downgrade the SM? From what I've seen it's not really necessary anymore.
  3. Antics

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    May 30, 2009
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    I have themes that work only on 4.0 and I'm too lazy to convert them. Plus, I've heard that you have to modify the SM on 4.2 to remove the checks for DVDX and whatnot. Its simpler, for me at least, just to grab SM 4.0u with NUSD and install it.
  4. zektor

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    Nov 29, 2005
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    There must have been one IOS left on the system that the update did not touch that was trucha signed. Luckily for that it made life easy fixing the vunerable issue, getting bootmii back in and ultimately restoring the nand. Tell your friend that if he ever updates again you'll kick his ass [​IMG]