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    Hi GBATemp

    TL;DR: Fast shipping and I'd buy there again.

    I've seen quite a few people on here discussing sites selling Gateway 3DSes...
    I looked through the official retailer list and chose as they shipped from Europe.
    It shipped from Poland to Denmark.

    Well, I ordered from there on Saturday 10/1, nothing happened until Monday 12/1 (weekend, so no surprise) when it was shipped and I received a working tracking number etc.
    I then received my Gateway Wednesday 14/1. It came in a fine envelope shipped with priority mail.

    I'm not trying to advertise the site, but I think this might help someone wondering whether the shop is alright or not. At least I can say that the initial experience has been good. I still can't say if they're any good if I had to RMA an item.

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