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    Rouge anti-virus scanners. Have you ever gotten one of the annoying as f**K things on your computer? You can kill the process on some of them, but if you try to delete them then they will just re-generate. They are made by some sort of rootkit+torjan+worm+port backdoor+regersery key+regestery file restore system.

    AVG Antivirus is CRAP to blocking these things in Resident Sheild and removal? Forget about it.

    The ONLY way to remove a rouge anti-virus is to reboot your computer in safe mode and do a system restore.

    The most recent one that I ALMOST had compramise my entire computer proccesses was called; (From the process name, I cut off my PC too fast to look at the damn thing) ptivsysguard.exe

    Here is the real kick in the pants; if you try to open Task Manager, ptivsysguard KILLS it and says that "It is infected" and gives you a YES or NO option. I just FORCED my computer to turn off. (I unpluged my system and yanked the battery)

    I have had a total of THREE of these things get on my PC. All three where removed the same way.

    I can't remember the name of the first one but here is a list starting from the second infection that happened at the end of October.
    10/30/09@~3:00am- Personal Guard 2009
    11/30/09@3:25am- "ptivsysguard.exe"

    As for "removal tools" for these rouge-virus-scanners, don't use them! They are just another scam. They want you to BUY the product and then it will be removed.

    1)TURN OFF YOUR PC FORCEFULLY, I.E. Cut the power scource (Remove battery and unplug unit)
    2)Reboot your PC into safe mode
    3)Do a system restore to AT LEAST 3~5 days before the infection
    4)After the system restore is complete, if you have tune-up utilities 2009 on your PC to a regestry error cleanup.
    5)Update your virus scanner.

    I wish somebody could tell me some ways (Technal ways here) to keep these things from getting on my system. They are more of an aggravation than a threat.

    AND DO NOT BE A SMART F**K AND SAY "Stay off of the p0rn sites" you can get them from e-mail too you know you smurfing smart quack.
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    May 27, 2009
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    Mar 15, 2009
    I understand you're upset and stuff but AVG works for me [​IMG] .....
    Haven't got a problem with it.
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    May 23, 2008
    Booting into Linux and doing a virus scan is a lot easier and safer.
  5. Law

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Or just booting into linux and staying there.
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    ESET Smart Security [​IMG]
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    It seems you get e-mails from them. Obviously you don't want help after all you're being a complete douche.

    Here's some ways to not get them:

    1. Destroy your computer
    2. Don't use the internet
    3. Don't use e-mail OR p0rn sites (it's different you smurfing smart quack [​IMG] )
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    I kept getting this virus that opened Viagra websites like I had erectile dysfunction (Also opened random porn sites and said everything I tried to open was a virus/infected) so i would buy there product,but I use Malwarebyte's anti malware to remove,and ive come to the conclusion (after getting hit with this virus about 5 times) that I was being attacked through Adobe Reader. It would open and load each time before every infection because I was on version 6 so I went to the latest and never got infected again.
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    Fun fact: rouge is a color. The word you're looking for is rogue.

    Just be careful of what sites/e-mails you open, use a decent security program - hell, even Avast works - and you should be good to go. There are freeware tools designed to kill these things, but in all honesty system restores are pretty simple and efficient.
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    Try using Malware Bytes. Keep it installed all the time. It saved my computer from a malware/fake virus scanner.

    For me, the virus what ever it is kept on making my computer lag. It stole all the CPU speed so I couldn't get anywhere. I just took my time and was patient. I read that my issue could be removed by Malware Bytes. So I decided to download it, and it got rid of it. Problem solved =]

    I just recommend that you keep it on your computer all the time.
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    just a little heads up (I just removed one from a friends comp without restoration), keep hitting CONTROL+SHIFT+ESCAPE while logging on to pull up the task manager since the process that kills launches is started yet. From there, I tracked down the process, killed it, then started sweeping the system. Really an easy virus removal.
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    I use Avast home edition and I've never had this problem... curious... [​IMG]
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    Aug 3, 2009
    i was like you before try software stuff i am not familiar with...ending to restore. 'till i used AVG and works great for me.
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    Apr 5, 2008
    I hate AVG because its just not suitable for my kind of downloading... and the lack of exclusions.. for example if it finds a false positive it will instantly delete it THEN tell you about the virus.

    ESET Smart Security i have a paid license simply because it beats most AV's out there, once it was combined with Spyware S&D's TeaTimer.exe (monitors the system for changes and reports them to me) and my routers built-in software im safe.

    Of course, common sense is what stops 99.9 % of viruses nowadays [​IMG]

    Anyways mate -

    I reccomend getting a paid AV, they are simply better. Kaspersky or ESET Smart Security if your best bet. Kaspersky scans new applications for unwanted/bad stuff and will tell you that! Its easy to use as well.
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    Jul 7, 2008
    I'm embarrased to say this but Norton Internet Security has never failed me. Mayb because i have a second REALLY GOOD anti virus called Common Sense. Unlimited subscription 'till you lose it.
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    [​IMG] Huh you are the only guy I seen use Norton while being educated enough to know it is crap. Yes I know about common sense too.
    I had Norton for a year before (didn't know about other anti viruses) and yeah I only got like 2 at max which did no harm to my computer.
  17. fgghjjkll

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    Jul 7, 2008
    I know it's crap. And there are better out there.
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    Jun 12, 2005
    Spyware doctor & nod AntiVirus
  19. cobleman

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Whats wrong with avast home edition it does the lot and tells you if a page you open or an email has a virus been great for me
  20. kobykaan

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    Aug 27, 2007
    These fake anti virus or SCAREWARE programs as they are labelled by some legit anti virus/malware removal sites ...only get installed if you accidentally click on one that pops up as a webpage and you click either ok or cancel what you need to do is close the TAB that its in otherwise it installs! ...

    Most of the time its just a folder with an exe linked to via the registry had a friend get one recently (It was the Fake Antivirus 2009 program that has supposedly found over a hundred infections but can only remove then when purchased for an extortionate price!) ....

    A quick Google by me found the solution for them ...of end the task in task/process manager and then JUST DELETE THE FOLDER.. it was still in add remove programs so got them to use a third party uninstall/removal tool and this cured and removed it and a quick finish off with some removal of a couple of registry entries and it was totally gone! [​IMG]

    None of this messy use of system restore etc ... its never recommended to use a system restore with a Virus or Trojan or even fake variants .. reason is that :-

    a) This could of happened before the last restore point was created so you could just re-infect


    b) The restore point has also become infected too so restoring just adds to the problems!

    Its recommended that if you know what your doing with restore points to delete ALL of them and make a new one after cleaning and you know the systems clean!