Moonshell 2.10 issues with roms

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    Nov 14, 2008
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    ive been having problems with moonshell2 and using it to load roms, ive been using blackiris guide but i get an error when i turn my r4 on it tells me to refer to my logbuf if i boot moonshell through my r4 fw it still wont load roms it says it cant read them. if anyone is willing to compile a file for r4 that has moonshell and everything i need to do this please pm me but here is what my logbuff says if it helps :

    Start log file. topsector=18496 size=32768byte
    AppName MoonShell Ver 2.10 stable
    Feb 16 2010 13:33:17 GMT+09:00
    ARM RVCT3.1 [Build 794]
    __current pc=0x0200f5f0 sp=0x02803ea8
    DLDI: active_interface= 0x020490a0, ID= R4TF, Name= R4(DS) - Revolution for DS.
    active_interface->ul_Features= 0x23.
    Boot with DS.
    Expand MemMgr array. [System] 0->32
    OVM_LoadAfterSystem: load=0x020563f8, exec=0x023e3800, size=0x1b450.
    Overlay region loaded.
    OVM_proc_MainPass: load=0x02071848, exec=0x023d2800, size=0x520c.
    Overlay region loaded.
    FAT2: Disabled 64k cluster mode. Start fast mode.
    Start FPGA Initializer.
    Can not found ROMEO2 cartridge on GBA slot.
    Request RTC data from ARM7.
    Setup default code page is '000'.
    Loaded font for your language.
    Boot from NDS card.
    RawMem:0, DSBM:0, EZ3in1:0, EZ3in1New:0, EZ3in1Plus:0, M3ExtPack:0, SuperCard:0, maxsize=0.
    extmem_Init: Not found extend memory cartridge.
    extmem: Extention memory was not found.
    pTextPool used.20kbyte remain.2827kbyte
    Succeeded memory optimization.
    Language materials count= 464
    Find free cluster. 2 to 61424.
    Found free cluster. (57572)
    prf data=0 15390us
    Get RTC data from ARM7.
    Initialize random seed.
    Not use EUC table. [/MOONSHL2/UNICODE/cp000.tbl]
    Support formats. /.mp1/.mp2/.mp3/.mid/.rcp/.r36/.nsf/.gbs/.hes/.ay/.sap/.kss/.669/.far/.imf/.it/.med/.mod/.mtm/.okt/.s3m/.stm/.ult/.uni/.xm/.spc/.m4a/.mp4/.ogg/.ikm/.wma/.jpg/.jpe/.png/.psd/.gif/.bmp/.wav/.tta/.fla/.721
    Check current path. [/moonshl2/extlink]
    finded. [/MOONSHL2/EXTLINK/]
    Set NextProc.
    Found ExtLink file. (0) [IPK.NDS]
    Found ExtLink file. (1) [NESNES~1.NDS]
    Found ExtLink file. (2) [_HNHUG~1.NDS]
    Found ExtLink file. (3) [_TETEX~1.NDS]
    Found ExtLink file. (4) [_VHVER~1.NDS]
    Found ExtLink file. (5) [NDSYSL~1.NDS]
    Not found alias skin file '/MOONSHL2/INTERNAL/def_000.skn'.
    Skin file size: 399136byte.
    OVM_LoadAfterSystem2: load=0x02184f50, exec=0x023a0700, size=0x0804.
    Overlay region loaded.
    DStack:0 Pos:64, Used:5028, Total:15024.
    Start event loop...
    Wait for key releases. (NextProc=11)
    OVM_proc_Start: load=0x020a7a34, exec=0x023d2800, size=0x1564.
    Overlay region loaded.
    Splash_Free: Free.
    Load launch data 'LAUNCH.DAT'
    launch data load from file.
    Load icons.
    Current folder refreshed.
    DStack:1000 Pos:104, Used:3508, Total:15024.
    Save launch data 'LAUNCH.DAT'
    Saved launch data. 5148byte.
    Close launch data.
    DStack:1001 Pos:64, Used:2948, Total:15024.
    Wait for key releases. (NextProc=3)
    OVM_proc_Start: load=0x020799e8, exec=0x023d2800, size=0x10aec.
    Overlay region loaded.
    Resume video file load.
    Start ConvertPath_Unicode2Alias_CheckExists=/moonshl2/extlink
    End ConvertPath_Unicode2Alias_CheckExists=/MOONSHL2/EXTLINK/
    ConvertFull_Unicode2Alias: Not find Unicode file item. [_msthumb.dat]
    pTextPool used.1kbyte remain.2526kbyte
    Succeeded memory optimization.
    strpcm stopped.
    DStack:1000 Pos:104, Used:5028, Total:15024.
    strpcm stopped.
    strpcm stopped.
    DStack:1001 Pos:64, Used:488, Total:15024.
    Wait for key releases. (NextProc=4)
    OVM_proc_Start: load=0x0208a4d4, exec=0x023d2800, size=0x0c9c.
    Overlay region loaded.
    Can not find Unicode path item.
    DStack:1000 Pos:104, Used:1996, Total:15024.
    Request soft reset. [R4TF] R4(DS) - Revolution for DS
    Check [/MOONSHL2/RESETMSE/R4TF.nds]
    Use normal boot loader.
    strpcm stopped.
    strpcm stopped.
    DStack:1001 Pos:64, Used:3668, Total:15024.
    OVM_proc_Start: load=0x020ac0d8, exec=0x023d2800, size=0x00b4.
    Overlay region loaded.
    DStack:1000 Pos:104, Used:112, Total:15024.
    DStack:1001 Pos:64, Used:7588, Total:15024.
    mainloop terminate...
    Free: Skin.
    Free: Lang.
    Free: Font.
    Free: EUC2Unicode.
    Free: PlayList.
    strpcm stopped.
    Free: DLLList.
    Free: ExtLink.
    Free: Sound.
    Free: ProcState.
    Load: NDSROM loader.
    OVM_libglobal_ndsrom: load=0x0217bed8, exec=0x023a1000, size=0x1230.
    Overlay region loaded.
    OVM_libglobal_ndsrom: load=0x021c9eec, exec=0x023ff200, size=0x01d8.
    Overlay region loaded.
    Check: Memory.
    mainloop terminated.
    Check: FileSystem.
    0: 0x0202cd1c: Closed. [SETMSE/R4TF.NDS]
    1: 0x0202cf5c: Closed. [RNAL/SNDEFF.DAT]
    2: 0x0202d19c: Closed. [NAL/DEFAULT.SKN]
    3: 0x0202d3dc: Closed. [ERNAL/BGBMP.DAT]
    4: 0x0202d61c: Closed. []
    5: 0x0202d85c: Closed. []
    6: 0x0202da9c: Closed. []
    7: 0x0202dcdc: Closed. []
    Free: glDefaultClass.
    main terminated.
    Backup implant DLDI body.
    DLDI Name:R4(DS) - Revolution for DS
    DLDI Size:32768byte
    Load max size is 3407872byte.
    ARM7 CopyFrom=0x00018400, CopyTo=0x037f8000, CopySize=5908byte, ExecAddr=0x037f8000.
    ARM7 Loaded. ptr=0x02051058.
    Dynamically Linked Disk Interface patch tool v1.24 by Michael Chisholm (Chishm)

    Based on Revision 1.4 - Mon Aug 6 19:57:56 2007 UTC (4 months, 3 weeks ago) by wntrmute

    Does not have a DLDI section
    ARM9 CopyFrom=0x00000200, CopyTo=0x02000000, CopySize=98476byte, ExecAddr=0x02000000.
    ARM9 Loaded. ptr=0x02052770.
    Dynamically Linked Disk Interface patch tool v1.24 by Michael Chisholm (Chishm)

    Based on Revision 1.4 - Mon Aug 6 19:57:56 2007 UTC (4 months, 3 weeks ago) by wntrmute

    Old driver: Default (No interface)
    New driver: R4(DS) - Revolution for DS

    Position in file: 0x00003140
    Position in memory: 0x02003140
    Patch base address: 0x02049040
    Relocation offset: 0xFFFBA100

    Patched successfully
  2. twiztidsinz

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    Dec 23, 2008
    United States
    Blackiris' guide is fairly outdated... it only works on Moonshell 2.06 or lower.
    But I would suggest using YSLaunch from Xenon++, it is the FASTEST loader.

    For 2.08/2.09, you need the proper overlay.dll file from Normatt:
    And the YSLaunch file from Xenon++, you'll need to copy the nds.yslaunch.nds to _hn.HugeNDSLoader.nds and _vh.VeryHugeNDSLoader.nds

    For 2.10, you'll need Xenon++'s mnshl2wrap. It's a little more complex, but works well.
  3. xtreme1

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    Nov 14, 2008
    United States
    i get the error cannot open /nds.akaio.nds i know this means there is something wrong with my config.ini but i dont know what it is im using ysloader to try and launch them can anyone copy and past their full ini file so i can see it
  4. fearofshorts

    fearofshorts GBAtemp Fan

    Jul 12, 2009
    nds.akaio.nds is only for AceKard users. It won't work with your R4.
  5. Xenon++

    Xenon++ Taiju Yamada

    Dec 17, 2009
    For your case just install nds.yslaunch.nds, not nds.mshl2wrap.nds