Hardware Monitor not achieving 144hz operation after bump

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i was just checking out some threads, rotate my chair just a bit to reach for water, then the arm rest of my chair bumps the desk and the screen goes off, after unplugging the dp cable and plugging it back in, the resolution is now an odd one, and the refresh rate is set to 60, i could change back the resolution to 1080p but it refuses to let me activate 144hz, it's an Acer KG241, and my drivers are up to date

Edit: My bad, when the resolution changed to an odd one, i tried changing it back through the nvidia panel, but it would not let me, so i used the windows panel and it let me change it to 1920x1090, but only 60hz, then i tried the nvidia panel once again, still, no 144hz option, only 60, 59 and 50, however, i notice there is another 1920x1080 option besides the one i have selected, i try that one, and sure enough, it allows me to select 144
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